Sr.No. Add On Course
2 Hardware Maintenance
3 Journalism & Mass Communication
4 Computerized Accounting Tally (Erp.9)
6 Stock Market Operations
7 Soft Skill
8 Biobased Industrial Processes
9 Bio-Informatics
10 Energey Technology
11 Android Operating System
12 1) Human Excellence Development    2) Good Lab Practices


        DTP is Add-On course for B.A-S.Y., DTP help arts students to get knowledge of computer programs like Photoshop, CorelDraw, and PageMaker. After completion of DTP course student can design or create his own documents, greeting cards, envelopes, etc. Student can also get the job of computer operator or he/she can start their own business in the field of computer job work.


        “Mobile App Development using Android” is the Add-On course for BCA/B.Sc.(C.S.)-S.Y. students which help student to design and develop their own android app. Student can learn designing from XML and do code via Java with the Google recommended IDE like Android Studio. After completion of Android course student can get job of Android Developer, Android UI Designer or he/she can develop their own app and publish it on Google Play Store also.