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The Department of Economics was started at the inception of the college itself in 1970. To provide higher level quality coaching in the subject. P.G. course started in June 1979. The department has produced many meritorious students at U.G. and P.G. level and has arranged seminars, conference, surveys and tours to create interest and better understanding among the students.

This department is one of the important departments at college campus. Upto now three HoD deed their works successfully in the department. Dr. V.B. Pawar leaded the department at first in the year 1970. After Dr. S.P. Bagal, Dr. M.V. Engle and now Dr. B.P. Gadekar has been leading the department since 2016. Presently 5 faculties are in our department. They are all well qualified and researcher of the Economics subject.

The department is active in taking various programs for the overall development of the student. Debate, Group Discussion, Economics Association, Elocation Competition, Essay Writing, research paper analysis for PG students, News paper article analysis such competitions has been arranged by the department upto now. For getting extra knowledge of current issues on economics, department arranges every year guest lectures of eminent persons from various colleges & universities.

The department of Economics arranged two conferences. One conference was organized on “Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization its impact on Balanced Regional Development” in 2011 & another conference was on Food Security Policy & Indian Economy on 13-14 Feb, 2015



B.A. Economics Programme Specific Outcomes

After completing this specific programme

1) Students will understand the role finance institution, finance management, Banking E – Banking, money and Capital markets.

2) Students will understand the concepts GNP, NNP, GDP, NDP, PCI, Disposable Income.

3) Students will understand various aspects and features of Indian economy.

4) Student will know about Consumer's behavior, Demand analysis, cardinal and ordinal utility.

5) Students will learn about the concepts of statistical methods.

6) Students will know the concepts of supply of money and demand for money, types of money, classical and modern theory of interest, Trade cycle Theory.

7) Students will know demographic features, size, sex ratio, growth rate, migration, Industrial development, Industrial policy, FERA, FEMA, Act. and the Concept of LPG.

8) The students will understand various concepts of Agricultural Economics and they can be well familiar with rural Economy.

9) Students can work efficiently in the field of banking, finance, industry, farming, consumer rights, production, research and trade.

M.A. Economics Programme Specific Outcomes

After completing this specific programme

1) Students will know how to apply the knowledge from Economics in various sectors of society in order to solve various financial issues.

2) Students will know Foreign Trade, FDI, International Trade, Foreign Policy, International Institutions, such as W.T.O, World Bank, I.M.F, ASSION, and Trade Policies and International debts etc.

3) Students will be able to design local policies to overcome economical crises.

4) Students will utilize their knowledge to solve issues in land reforms, traditional and Modern Agriculture, Small and Marginal Farmers, Agricultural Production and Productivity.

5) Students will be able to design policy to build the gap between agricultural, Industry, infrastructure sectors.

6) Students will be aware of and make the public aware of Taxation, Public debt, Fiscal and Monetory policy etc.

7) Students will understand Fund Based Activities and Non Fund based Activities, Sources of Revenue, Merchant Banking in India, Functions of Merchant Bank and Commercial Banks, Concept of Credit Rating such as CRISIL, IICRA, CAREDCR, ONICRA.



PhotoName Designation Qualification Resume
Dr.Buddhaji Pandurang Gadekar HoD & Assistant Professor M.A., SET.,NET.,JRF,GDC & A., Ph.D. View
Mr. Sudhir Babruvan Jadhav Assistant Professor MA., B.Ed.,MBA,SET,(Ph.D pursuing) View
Mr. Chandrakant Ramrao Valakate Assistant Professor MA., M.Ed.M.Phil, (Ph.D Pursuing) View
Mr.GAIKWAD JEEVAN HANMANTRAO Assistant Professor M.A., SET, M.Phil View
Mrs.Jadhav Rupali Narayan Assistant Professor M.A.(Economics) View



Degree/Class Code Course 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
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B.A.S.Y. CORE & SEC View View View View
B.A.T.Y.CORE & DSE View View View View
M.A.F.Y.CORE & SEC View View View View
M.A.S.Y.CORE & DSE View View View View



Name 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
Dr.Buddhaji Pandurang Gadekar View View View View
Mr. Shivaji Vaman Tele View View
Mr. Sudhir Babruvan Jadhav View View
Mr. Chandrakant Ramrao Valakate View View View
Mrs. Lata Rangrao Mane View View View
Prof. J.H. Gaikwad View View View
Mrs.Jadhav Rupali Narayan View




Degree/Class 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
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2021 - 2022

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Live Budget Session-2022 01/02/2022 View
National e-Webinar on Economic Threats of China and India’s Policy 17/01/2022 View
State Level e-Workshop on Relevance of Adam Smith Economics Thoughts 22/09/2021 View
National e-Workshop on New Education Policy: Opportunities & Its Challenges 30/08/2021 View
Guest Lecture on Changing Trends in Banking Sector 07/08/2021 View
Guest lecture on Five Trillion Economy- The Vision, Challenges and Roadmap for India 30/07/2021 View

2020 - 2021

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Workshop on“Career Opportunities in Economics” 20/03/2021 View
Seminar on “New Agriculture Act-2020 Opportunity and Challenges” 18/02/2021 View
Union Budget 2021 01/02/2021 View
Workshop on “Project Writing and Research Methodology” 29/01/2021 View
Guest lectures on“Relevance of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar’s Economics Thoughts” 16/12/2020 View
One Day Workshop on SET/NET Guidance 28/09/2020 View

2019 - 2020

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Guest Lecture Economic depression and India 21/09/2019 View
Guest Lecture Different opportunity in economics 21/09/2019 View
Inauguration of Economics Students Association 21/09/2019 View
Poster presentation and Essay writhing competition 28/08/2019 View
Students Association Member Meeting 20/08/2019 View
Economics students Association Election 13/08/2019 View
Teacher’s Day 05/09/2019 View
Wel-Come Function of New Admit Student 22/07/2019 View

2018 - 2019

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Guest Lecture on Research Methodology & Project writing 02/03/2019 View
Guest Lecture on Investment Literacy 20/02/2019 View
Educational Tour at Baramati- MurudJanjira-Mahabaleshwar- Mahad 25 to 27/01/2019 View
Field visit at DCC Bank Main Branch Latur 29/12/2018 View
Visit to state level Agricultural Exhibition at Bidwe Greens Latur 25/12/2018 View
Guest Lecture on Awareness of Financial Market 18/12/2018 View
Field Visit Of U.G.& P.G. Students at Field on Annarao Patil Nalegaon Dist. Latur 12/08/2018 View
Economics I.Q. Test 19/09/2018 View
Inauguration function of Economics students Association 26/09/2018 View
NET/ SET Workshop 10 & 11/09/2018 View
Wel-Come Function of New Admit Student 19/07/2018 View



Degree/Class 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
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