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The Department of English has been functioning since 1970, the inception of the institute. The two faculty members, Dr Janardan Waghmare and Mrs Vijaya Rajopadhye laid foundation of the department. Dr Janardan Waghmare the founder Principal of our college and the Vice-Chancellor of our parent SRTM University, Nanded, efficiently headed our department for over 24 years. The mission of our department is to enable the students to communicate in English, to make the students aware of "values" in literature and to master English Language Skills and Soft Skills. Our faculty is integrated towards the interdisciplinary approach of knowledge. The Departmental faculties teach English to the students of all branches including those in the Arts, Science, Commerce, Computer Science, IT, Biotechnology and B.Voc.

The scope of the department became wider after accepting academic autonomy at institutional level in the year 2013-14. The department has extended its horizon of academic service and started PG course in English since June 2017. As an initiative, in collaboration with ELTIS (English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis, Pune), we have introduced Certificate Courses in - Spoken English and Foreign Languages

Besides teaching, the department offers co-curricular activities like Filmfest, Labfeast, ECC - English Composition Competition , Rabindranath Tagore Reading Competition, Author's Week, Poetry Recitation, Author's Meet and Spell Bee Competition. Through English Club (Students' Association of English), we conduct activities like poster presentation, student seminars, quiz competition, elocution and anchoring in various programs of the department which help students to overcome their phobia of public speaking in English. All these activities lend a hand for academic progress and cultural advancement of our students.

The departmental library helps the students to develop the taste for various genres and books, also the students are exposed to new vocabulary which helps them in improving their fluency in speech and get the right expression of reading.

Department offers courses

* Undergraduate Studies- Communicative English for UG First Year and Second Year

* Undergraduate Studies- BA (Optional English as Core Course)

* Post-Graduate Studies- MA (English Literature)

* Certificate Course- Spoken English

* Certificate Course- Foreign Language

Facilities Provided by the Department:

* Language Lab

* Departmental Library with 150+ books



Photo Name Designation Qualification Experience Resume
Dr. Anuja Anirudh Jadhav HoD & Assistant Professor M.A.B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D View
Dr. Sachin Dattatraya Bhandare Assistant Professor M.A. SET,Ph.D View
Dr. Chandrashekhar Ashok Dawane Assistant Professor M.A. B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,SET View
Mr. Kishor Yuvraj Patil Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed. View
Dr. Sachin Madhukarrao Kale Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D View
Mr. Krishna Dnyanobarao Deshmukh Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed.,SET View



Degree/Class CODE cource Academic Year Action
UG First YearCommunicative English2020-21 View
UG Second Year Communicative English2020-21 View
B A First Year CORE Course2019-20 View
B A Second Year CORE Course2019-20 View
B A Third Year DSE2019-20 View
M. A. I EnglishLiterature2019-20 View
M. A. II EnglishLiterature2019-20 View



Name 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
Dr. Anuja Anirudh Jadhav View
Dr. Sachin Dattatraya Bhandare View
Dr. Chandrashekhar Ashok Dawane View
Mr. Kishor Yuvraj Patil View
Dr. Sachin Madhukarrao Kale View
Mr. Krishna Dnyanobarao Deshmukh View



YEAR Theory
2020- 21------
2019 - 20------
2018 - 19------



2020 - 2021

Name of Activity Day and Date Activity Report
---------- ----
------------ ----
------------- ----

2019 - 2020

Name of Activity Day and Date Activity Report
---------- ----
------------ ----
------------- ----

2018 - 2019

Name of Activity Day and Date Activity Report
---------- ----
------------ ----
------------- ----



2020- 21 ----
2019 - 20 ----
2018 - 19 ----



Composition of Board of Studies Faculty: ARTS Term: (2020-2021)

Name of HoD & other faculty member sample sample sample ------- -------
Two Subject experts from outside the Parent University nominated by Academic Council sample sample sample ------- -------
One expert by V.C.from panel of 06 recommended by the college principal sample sample sample ------- -------
One from industry/corporate/ allied area realating to Placement sample sample sample ------- -------
One PG meritorious alumnus by principal sample sample sample ------- -------
Expert from outside for special courses(Co-option) sample sample sample ------- -------
Other members of the staff of the same faculty. sample sample sample ------- -------

SWOC (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges)

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Language Lab

Language lab

Most of the population of the world is bilingual. All the students are being taught a second language in their academic subject and English is the most common of it. After becoming an autonomous, the English is taught as a communication language, in the college. The English department of college has the facility of English Language Lab designed under UGC, New Delhi Scheme. It proved instrumental to simplify many aspects of language teaching. Teachers can bring out the facts and rules of language to students in an easily graspable way. It provided education plus entertainment means edutainment. All the students of graduation from all faculties blissfully enjoy English language lab facilities. The language lab facility is financially supported under CPE I-Phase, II-Phase and III-Phase.

Students Enrolled for Language lab

Sr.No. Year Number of Students Enrolled
1 2012-13 1740
2 2013-14 1801
3 2014-15 1780
4 2015-16 1740
5 2016-17 1801
Total 5321