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The Department of Marathi has been working since the establishment of Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya,Latur i.e 1970. The department is recognized as a research center of SRTMU, Nanded. The eminent scholars, litterateur, social workers like Prof. Subhash Mendhapurkar, Prof. Sunetra Deshmukh, Prof. Manohar Niture, Dr. Madhav Gadekar, Dr. Shriram Gundekar and Dr. Bharat Deshmukh were the heads of the department and contributed a lot by their works to the department.

Dr. Shriram Gundekar has done great research work in Maharashtra on Satyashodhaki Literature. He published four books on literature, critacal analysis and history of Satyashodhaki Literature. Through the marathi research center seven researchers have been awarded Ph.D and presently five students are doing their research in the center. In the last five years the faculty members published nine books and twenty nine research articles.

The department is running under the headship of Dr. Sambhaji Patil. In the present academic year 2019-20, 534 students are registered in the department. The various programs and activities have been taken through Marathi Language and Literature Group. Every year on 27th Feb., the birth anniversary of poet Kusumagraj, the department organizes different competitions and celebrates Marathi Language Day. The department keeps reading culture for students and the staff members of the college. We run Vivekvahini unit for keeping social workers thoughts and scientific view in students with the help of Maharashtra ANIS. We have done MoU's with Maharashtra Superstition Vanishing Committee and Maitri Foundation, Latur.



Photo Name Designation Qualification Resume
Dr.Sambhaji Venkatrao Patil Professor M.A. SET; Ph.D. View
Dr.Govind Dhondiram Uphade Assistant Professor M.A.,SET., Ph.D. View
Bapusaheb Khandu Jawalekar Assistant Professor M.A. B.Ed., NET View
Dr. Shivraj Narayan Kache Assistant Professor M.A. NET; Ph.D. View



Degree/Class Academic Year Action
B.A.F.Y.2019-20 View
B.A.S.Y.2019-20 View
B.A.T.Y.2019-20 View
B.A.F.Y.2020-21 View
B.A.S.Y.2020-21 View
B.A.T.Y.2020-21 View


Name Year2019-20
Dr.Sambhaji Venkatrao Patil View
Dr.Govind Dhondiram Uphade View
Bapusaheb Khandu Jawalekar View
Dr. Shivraj Narayan Kache View




PHOTO GALLERY for year 2019-2020

RSML Guest Lecture on Gandhi Jayanti

Faculty Seminar


Sr Noname of Faculty/Guideseminartopicseminar date
5Manoj Pandurang BirajdarMobile application development using Android07/06/2016
6Pramod Madhukar application 08/01/2017





The department organizes the National/ State level conference, Quiz competitions, Poster presentation competition, PPT presentation, Guest lectures, Parents Teacher Meeting, C language competition, Workshop on Robo-feast, Carrier Guidance Seminar, Seminar for career Opportunities, Computer Literacy Program, Art Exhibition Competition, BOS Meeting, Campus Interview, Staff Seminar, Visit To “Sevagram” Kawatha, ICT Training for Secondary Teachers. As a part of continuous internal evaluation the department conducts Activity based test, Surprise test, Poster presentation and Home assignment. In addition to this the faculties of the departments are felicitated for special achievements.