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The Department of Pali, a single faculty department has been functioning since June 1988, under the headship of Dr. S.M. Sonone. Pali language and literature inculcates a source of morality in the students. Ethical and Moral judgements are at the base of the syllabus. Freedom, Equality, Justice, Fraternity and World peace are at the centre of Pali Language Literature. Three fold refuge TRISHARAN, the five Percapts PANCHSHEEL, Four noble truths (Ashtangik Marg ani Patticca Samppada) and dependent origination, theories of evolution, rebirth doctrine of anattamwad, decency, chastity, ethical and moral approach, compassion, a transcendent state, freedom from lust are the ways of human elevation which establish peace, happiness, satisfaction, freedom from troubles and turns this materialistic world into and through this subject culture, history, autobiographies, language and literature of the ancient India. The Philosophic principles laid in Pali literature are ever guiding to the human role since the origin of Lord Buddha. Every year as a Pali Department organizes a study tour to various religious places in India. The Department also promotes students to use pali language for communication not more to study as the classic language.
Objectives of the Course : 1. To introduce Pali language to the students 2. To impart the qualities of liberty, equality and Fraternity 3. To study the ancient literature and culture composed in Pali language. 4. To study historical, ethical, religious, educational and moral values in Pali literature. 5. To know the culture before Buddha Caves, Chaittya, Stupa, the pillars or Stambh, Monastery and inscription..
Course Outcomes : 1. Students come to know the scope of Pali language and Literature 2. Students will be interested to study Pali language and literature at P.G. level. 3. Students will be arrange the values in Pali literature.



B. A. , B.Com., B.Sc., Pali Second Language Programme Specific Outcomes

After completing this specific programme

1) Students can understand great philosophical truths given by Lord Buddha though this programme.

2) Students can develop their interest in the philosophy given in Pali literature.

3) Students can apply for post graduate course in Pali.

4) Students can work in the field of education.

5) They can work to rejuvenate Pali language.



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Dr. Suresh Manaji Sonone HoD and Associate Professor M.A.,NET,Ph.D View



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2021 - 2022

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Lata Waghmare Phd Viva05/06/2021 View
Pali Vyakhyan16/01/2022 View
Pali vyakhyan09/01/2022 View
Pali Day24/07/2021 View
Lata Waghmare Phd Viva05/06/2021 View

2020 - 2021

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One Day National Webinar on Palimay Maharashtra21/06/2020 View
Online Webinar On History of Pali Language28/06/2020 View
Online Webinar on Pali awareness25/01/2021 View
Online Webinar on Buddha Jayanti26/05/2021 View
Online Webinar21/03/2021 View
Online Webinar on Revival of Pali Language 11/04/2021 View
Online Webinar on Pali Grammar 27/02/2021 View
Online Webinar on Pali Literature 20/04/2021 View
Online Webinar on Pali Councils in ancient India 24/05/2021 View

2019 - 2020

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Guest Lecture23/01/2020 View
Workshop on Pali conversation26/07/2019 View
Guest Lecture15/12/2019 View
Guest Lecture22/12/2019 View
Guest Lecture14/04/2020 View
Guest Lecture19/04/2020 View
Guest Lecture03/05/2020 View
Guest Lecture25/01/2021 View
Guest Lecture29/12/2019 View
Workshop on Pali conversation04/08/2019 View
Online Webinar10/05/2020 View
Workshop On Pali literature30/09/2019 View
Two Day Workshop On Pali Conversation22/09/2019 View
Workshop on Pali conversation03/08/2019 View
Guest Lecture22/08/2019 View
Workshop On Pali Conversation26/07/2019 View

2018 - 2019

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Pali conversation31/01/2019 View
Workshop on Pali conversation28/01/2019 View
Workshop on Pali conversation10/02/2019 View
Workshop on Pali conversation19/01/2020 View
Workshop on Pali conversation27/08/2018 View
Pali Lecture16/02/2019 View
Education Tour12/01/2019 View
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Social Tour02/05/2019 View
Pali Day27/07/2018 View



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Composition of Board of Studies Faculty: ARTS Term: (2020-2021)

Name of HoD & other faculty member 1. Prof. Dr. S.M. Sonone Mob: 9028694891 Email : prof.dr.s.m.sonone@gmail. Com
Two Subject experts from outside the Parent University nominated by Academic Council 1. Prof. Dr. V.H. Chourpagar Samyak, Uttamnagar, Yashoda Chouk, Amravati 444606 Mob: 9860470949 Email : drvishwanathchaurpagar@g 2. Prof. Dr. Dhammadeep Wankhede Gulbarga University Kalburgi 585106 Karnataka Mob: 7709152964 Email:
One expert by V.C.from panel of 06 recommended by the college principal 1. Prof. Dr. Prashant B. Pagare Head Dept. of Pali & Buddhism, Dr. B.A.M. University, Aurangabad 413004
One from industry/corporate/ allied area realating to Placement 1. Dr. Ravindra Ghosale Tejas Niwas Saiwada, Sangamner Dist., Ahmednagar Mob: 9860039256 Emai:
One PG meritorious alumnus by principal 1. Ku. Sneha Suresh Sonwane Dept. of Pai & Budhism, Dr. B.A.M.U., Aurangabad Email: snehasonwane42@g Mob: 9028694892
Expert from outside for special courses(Co-option) 1. Prof. Krishna Kumar Navin Near Chirtragupt Mandir, Godwari Post Chandchaura Dist Bodhgaya Bihar Mob: 9430871802 Email: knavin212@g
Other members of the staff of the same faculty. 1. Prof. Bhimrao B. Patil Mob: 9850796755 Email:

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