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This is a new subject for the students as it is introduced directly at degree level. Keeping the newness of students in mind, the departmental staff always is friendly and accessible. The department is headed by Dr. Priti Pohekar, she is Associate Professor. Prof. Chandramani Bansode is working as an Assistant Professor in the department.

This is a student-centric department. The faculty always take an efforts to turn to the students towards preparation of civil services as the subject very relevant useful.Students directly can experience field work through the activities conducted by the department such as Gramsabha Awareness Program, Surveys and Analysis of the activities such as

  • 1. Traffic Police
  • 2. Swacha Bharat Mission-Clean Latur
  • 3. Water Crises and Management
  • 4. Policy and Schemes in Slums
  • 5. Schemes implemented by Central and State Administration at Local Level.

The learner could secure a high profile jobs in public and private or corporate sector.



B.A. Public Administration Programme Specific Outcomes

After completing this specific programme

1) Students will understand the basic concepts of Public Administration and can observe it as a responsible citizen.

2) Students will have knowledge of basic administrative system in India and work for reforms in it. Students are able to work effectively on any administrative post; right from Class I to Class IV.

3) Students will be able to find out the multi-dimensionality of problems and processes of Indian Administration and can work for reforms in it. Understand the concept of Office Administration.

4) They can develop employer-employee relations manage stress and maintain more efficiency of the organization.

5) Students can develop a local leadership.



Photo Name Designation Qualification Resume
Dr. Priti Diliprao Pohekar HoD, Professor M.A., M. Phil., SET, Ph. D. View
Mr. Chandramani Digambar Bansode Assistant Professor M.A. , SET View



Degree/Class CODE Course 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
B.A.F.Y.CORE Course View View View View
B.A.S.Y.CORE Course View View View View
B.A.T.Y.CORE Course View View View View



Name 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
Dr. Priti Diliprao Pohekar View View View View
Mr. Chandramani Digambar Bansode View View View View



Year 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
Timetable View View View View



2021 - 2022

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Bridge Course23/09/2021 View
One Day Disability Awareness Programme17/07/2021 View
Guest Lecture11/09/2021 View
Guest Lecture25/08/2021 View
National Voters Awareness Day25/01/2022 View

2020 - 2021

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Guest Lecture on Administrative Skills under Kautilya Lecture Series – Lecture 428/04/2021 View
Guest Lecture on Shaping Future: Dream & Reality under Kautilya Lecture Series – Lecture 324/03/2021 View
One Day Workshop on Research Methodology04/01/2021 View
One Day Legal Awareness Programme 11/01/2021 View
One Day Webinar on Teacher’s Role in Implementation of National Education Policy: Challenges and Opportunities01/03/2021 View
Guest Lecture on Utilization of Public Administration under Kautilya Lecture Series – Lecture 123/12/2020 View
Eye Donation Pledge25/09/2020 to 10/10/2020 View

2019 - 2020

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
District level Divyangjan Conference14/12/2019 View
Birth Anniversary of Helen Keller28/06/2019 View
Interview07/01/2020 View
Inauguration of Student’s Association12/10/2019 View
Kautilya Guest Lecture Series12/10/2019 View
Gransabha Awarenes Campaign31/08/2019 View

2018 - 2019

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Guest Lecture13/02/2019 View
Guest Lecture15/02/2019 View
Guest Lecture13/01/2019 View
Gransabha Awarenes Campaign01/08/2018, 17/08/2018 View



Year 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
Projects View View View View


Department Achievements

Year Report
2018 to 2021 View

Teacher Achievements

Year Report
2018 to 2021 View

Student Achievements

Year Report
2018 to 2021 View

Composition of Board of Studies Faculty: ARTS Term: (2020-2021)

Name of HoD & other faculty member Prof. Priti Pohekar
Two Subject experts from outside the Parent University nominated by Academic Council Dr. Abhijit Pilkhane Dr. Bhagwansingh Bainade
One expert by V.C.from panel of 06 recommended by the college principal Dr. Ajay Patil
One from industry/corporate/ allied area realating to Placement Mr. Pratap Waghmare
One PG meritorious alumnus by principal Dr. Gaurav Jewalikar
Expert from outside for special courses(Co-option)
Other members of the staff of the same faculty. Prof. D. B. Sonkamble Prof. C. D. Bansode