Department of B.A. CEP



As we all know, technology is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world. To overcome the barrier of time and space in learning, RajarshiShahuMahavidyalaya(Autonomous), Latur has integrated technology to disseminate information and imparting knowledge. This is a Virtual Learning platform for the students where students can learn at their own pace, inculcate self-learning and research habits and utilize their time fruitfully.

For the smooth and successful running of these sessions we expect our students to adhere to the following norms.

1. Establish a daily routine to support your learning.

2. Kindly save the resources shared to maintain notes and read books.

3. Analyse the information and fosterthe habit of self-learning.

4. Develop new vocabularies, read and listen books and develop creative writing skills.

5. Student should not exhibit any kind of unprofessional behavior.

We expect utmost sincerity from the students for making these sessions successful. Thank you!