Syllabus of Arts Department

Sr.No Degree/Class Year From Year To Year Action
1 B.A.F.Y.2019-202017-182020-21 Download
2 B.A.S.Y.2019-202013-142017-18 Download
3 B.A.T.Y.2019-202014-152017-18 Download
4 M.A.F.Y.2019-202017-182019-20 Download
5 M.A.S.Y.2019-202018-192020-21 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Year From Year To Year Action
11 B.A.F.Y.2019-2020182020 Download
12 B.A.S.Y.2019-2020182020 Download
13 B.A.T.Y.2019-2020182020 Download
14 M.A.F.Y.2019-2020182020 Download
15 M.A.S.Y.2019-2020182020 Download
16 M.Phil.2019-20June 20132018 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
17 B.A.F.Y.BAFY curiculum.pdf2017-18June 20172020 Download
18 B.A.S.Y.BASY curriculum.pdf2017-18June 20162019 Download
19 B.A.T.Y.BATY curriculum.pdf2017-18June 20172020 Download
20 B.A.F.Y.BAFY.pdf2018-19June 20172020 Download
21 B.A.S.Y.BASY.pdf2018-19June 20182021 Download
22 B.A.T.Y.BATY.pdf2018-19Revised 20182020 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
23 B.A.F.Y.BAFY 2013-14.pdf2013-142013-20142015-16 Download
24 B.A.S.Y.BASY 2014-15.pdf2014-20152014-152015-16 Download
25 B.A.T.Y.BATY 2015-16.pdf2015-162015-162015-16 Download
26 B.A.F.Y.BAFY 2016-17.pdf2016-172016-172016-17 Download
27 B.A.S.Y.BASY 2016-17.pdf2016-172016-172016-17 Download
28 B.A.T.Y.BATY 2016-17.pdf2016-172016-172016-17 Download
29 B.A.F.Y.BAFY 2017-18.pdf2017-182017-182017-18 Download
30 B.A.S.Y.BASY 2017-18.pdf2017-182017-182017-18 Download
31 B.A.T.Y.BATY 2017-18.pdf2017-182017-182017-18 Download
32 B.A.F.Y.B.A.F.Y. Music.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
33 B.A.S.Y.B.A.S.Y. Music.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
34 B.A.T.Y.B.A.S.Y. Music.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Political Science
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
35 B.A.F.Y.B.A. F.Y. Regular 2018-192018-192020-21 Download
36 B.A.S.Y.B.A. S.Y. Regular 2018-192018-192020-21 Download
37 B.A.T.Y.B.A. T.Y. Regular 2018-192018-192020-21 Download
38 M.A.F.Y.M.A. F.Y. 2018-192018-192020-21 Download
39 M.A.S.Y.M.A. S.Y2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Public Administration
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
40 B.A.F.Y.B A First Year2017-1820162018 Download
41 B.A.S.Y.B A Second Year2017-1820162018 Download
42 B.A.T.Y.B A Third Year2017-1820162018 Download
43 B.A.F.Y.FY2018-1920182020 Download
44 B.A.S.Y.SY2018-1920182020 Download
45 B.A.T.Y.TY2018-1920182020 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
46 B.A.F.Y.B.A.F.Y.2017-1820172018 Download
47 B.A.S.Y.B.A.S.Y.2017-1820172018 Download
48 B.A.T.Y.B.A.T.Y.2017-1820172018 Download
49 B.A.F.Y.BAFY2018-19June 20182019 Download
50 B.A.S.Y.BASY2018-19June 20182019 Download
51 B.A.T.Y.BATY2018-19June 20182019 Download

Syllabus of Commerce Department

Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
52 B.Com. I yr(Sem I)B.Com. Sem I.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
53 B.Com. I yr(Sem II)B.Com. Sem II.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
54 B.Com. II yr(Sem III)B.Com. Sem III.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
55 B.Com. II yr(Sem IV)B.Com. Sem IV.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
56 B.Com. III yr(Sem V)B.Com. Sem V.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2018 Download
57 B.Com. III yr(Sem VI)B.Com. Sem VI.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2018 Download
58 M.Com. I yr(Sem I)M.Com - 1.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
59 M.Com. I yr(Sem II)M.Com - 2 (1).pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
60 M.Com. II yr(Sem III)M.Com - 3.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
61 M.Com. II yr(Sem IV)M.Com - 4.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
62 B.Com. II year III sem (CBCS)Consolidated B Com II Sem III.pdf2018-19June 20182020-21 Download
63 B.Com. II year IV sem (CBCS)consolidated B Com II Sem IV .pdf2018-19June 20182020-21 Download
64 B.Com. III year V semConsolidated Sem V .pdf2018-19June 20182020-21 Download
65 B.Com. III year VI semconsolidated sem VI.pdf2018-19June 20182020-21 Download
66 M.Com. II year III sem (CBCS)M.COM III SEME 2018 consolidated .pdf2018-19June 20182020-21 Download
67 M.Com. II year IV sem (CBCS)Adv F AC M COM II Sem IV consolidated.pdf2018-19June 20182020-21 Download

Syllabus of Science Department

Bio- Technology
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
68 B.Sc. Biotechnology I year2017-18 CBCS B.Sc. I.pdf2017-182017-182019-20 Download
69 B.Sc. Biotechnology II yearB.Sc.II.pdf2017-182016-172018-19 Download
70 B.Sc. Biotechnology III yearB.Sc. III.pdf2017-182015-162017-18 Download
71 M.Sc. Biotechnology I yearMSC I 2017-18.pdf2017-182017-182018-19 Download
72 M.Sc. Biotechnology II yearM.Sc II.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
73 B.Sc. Biotechnology I Year2018-19 CBCS B.Sc. I.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
74 M.Sc. Biotechnology I YearMSC I 2018-19.pdf2018-192018-192019-20 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
75 B.Sc.B.Sc.-I (2).pdfB.Sc. F.Y.2013-142018-2019 Download
76 B.Sc.B.sc.-II.pdfB.Sc. s.Y.2014-152019-20 Download
77 B.Sc.Auto syllabus -B.Sc.-III.pdfB.Sc. T.Y.2015-162020-21 Download
78 M.Sc.M.sc.-I.pdfM.Sc. F.Y. Sem.-I2017-182021-22 Download
79 M.Sc.m sc second sem syllabus 2 (1).pdfM.Sc. F.Y. Sem.-I2017-182021-22 Download
80 B.Sc. S.YB.sc 18-19 syllabus.pdf2018-192018-192019-20 Download
81 M.Sc. S.Ymsc ii 18-19 syllabus.pdf2018-192018-192019-20 Download
Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
82 B.Sc F.Y ChemistryB. Sc. F.Y Chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
83 B.Sc S.Y ChemistryB. Sc. S.Y Chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
84 B.Sc T.Y ChemistryB.Sc. T.Y Chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
85 B.Sc F.Y Analytical ChemistryB. Sc F.Y Analytical chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
86 B.Sc S.Y Analytical ChemistryB. Sc. S.Y Analytical chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
87 B.Sc T.Y Analytical ChemistryB. Sc. T.Y Analytical Chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
88 M.Sc F.Y ChemistryM. Sc F.Y. Chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
89 M.Sc S.Y ChemistryM. Sc. S.Y Chemistry.pdf2017-182016-172017-18 Download
90 B. Sc F.Y (CBCS) ChemistryB.Sc I Chem CBCS.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
91 B. Sc S.Y (CBCS) ChemistryB.Sc II Chem CBCS.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
92 B. Sc T.Y ChemistryB.Sc III Chem.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
93 B. Sc F.Y (CBCS) Analytical ChemistryB. Sc FY Ana.chem CBCS.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
94 B. Sc S.Y (CBCS) Analytical ChemistryB. Sc. SY Ana.chem CBCS.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
95 B. Sc T.Y Analytical ChemistryB. Sc. TY Ana.Chem.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
96 M. Sc F.Y (CBCS) ChemistryM.Sc I Chem CBCS..pdf2018-1920182019 Download
97 M. Sc S.Y (CBCS) ChemistryM. Sc. II Chem CBCS.pdf2018-1920182019 Download
Computer Science
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
98 B.C.A. F. Y.BCA FY 2013-14.pdf2016-20172013-20142016-2017 Download
99 B.C.A. S. Y.B.C.A. S.Y 2014-15.pdf2017-20182014-20152017-2018 Download
100 B.C.A. T. Y.BCA T.Y 2015-16.pdf2017-20182015-20162019-2020 Download
101 B.C.A. F. Y. (Under CBCS)BCA FY CBCS 2017-18.pdf2017-20182017-20182020-2021 Download
102 B.Sc.C.S. F. Y.B.Sc.C.S. F.Y(2013-2014).pdf2016-20172013-20142016-2017 Download
103 B.Sc.C.S. S. Y.B.Sc.C.S. S.Y(2014-2015).pdf2017-20182014-20152017-2018 Download
104 B.Sc.C.S. T. Y.B.Sc.C.S. T.Y(2015-2016).pdf2017-20182015-20162019-2020 Download
105 B.Sc.C.S. F. Y. (Under CBCS)B.Sc.C.S. F.Y(CBCS)2017-2018.pdf2017-20182017-20182021-2022 Download
106 B.Sc.F. Y. (Under CBCS)B.Sc. FY .pdf2017-20182017-20182021-2022 Download
107 B.Sc.S.Y.B.Sc. SY.pdf2017-20182014-20152017-2018 Download
108 B.Sc.T.Y.B. Sc. TY.pdf2017-20182015-20162018-2019 Download
109 M.Sc.C.S. F. Y. (under CBCS)M.Sc.C.S. F.Y(2013-2014).pdf2017-20182017-20182021-2022 Download
110 M.Sc.C.S. S. Y.M.Sc.C.S. S.Y(2014-2015).pdf2017-20182014-20152017-2018 Download
111 B.C.A. S.Y.BCA CBCS S.Y 2018-19.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
112 B.Sc.C.S. S.Y.BScCS CBCS SY 2018-19.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
113 B.SC-II(OLD)BSc-II(Maths).pdf201720152018 Download
114 B.SC-IIIBSc-III(Maths).pdf201720152018 Download
115 B.Sc-I CBCS patternBSc -I(Maths CBCS).pdf201720172020 Download
116 M.Sc-I CBCS patternMSc -I MathematicsCBCS.pdf201720172020 Download
117 B.SC-II(CBCS)BSc-II MathematicCBCS on 10.5.18.pdf201820182019 Download
118 M.Sc-II(CBCS)MSc -II MathematicsCBCS10.5.2018.pdf201820182019 Download
119 B.Sc-IBridge Course B.Sc-I.docx201320132019 Download
120 M.Sc-IBridge M.Sc-I.docx201320132019 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
121 B.Sc.Final B.Sc.FY CBCS.pdfB.Sc. F.Y.2017-182019-20 Download
122 B.Sc.BSC_II_SYL_RSM_9-5-14.pdfB.Sc. S.Y.2016-172018-2019 Download
123 B.Sc.RSML auto III SYL.pdfB.Sc. T.Y.2016-172018-2019 Download
124 B. Sc. F.Y.BSC_II_SYL CBCS 2018.pdf2018-192017-182019-20 Download
125 B. Sc. S.Y.BSC_II_SYL CBCS 2018.pdf2018-192018-192019-20 Download
126 B. Sc. T.Y.RSML auto III SYL,Microbio.pdf2018-192017-182019-20 Download
Physics and Electronics
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
127 BSc F.Y PhysicsBSc I Physics.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
128 BSc S.Y PhysicsBSc II Physics.pdf2017-1820142017 Download
129 BSc T.Y PhysicsBSc III Physics (1).pdf201720152018 Download
130 MSc F.Y PhysicsMSc I Physics.pdf201720172020 Download
131 MSc S.Y PhysicsMSc II Physics.pdf201720142017 Download
132 BSc F.Y ElectronicsBSc I Electronics.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
133 BSc S.Y ElectronicsBSc II Electronics.pdf201720142017 Download
134 BSc T.Y ElectronicsBSc III Electronics.pdf201720152018 Download
Zoology and Fishery
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
135 B.Sc. F.Y. (CBCS)B.Sc. F.Y. (CBCS).pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
136 B.Sc. F.Y. ZoologyB.Sc. F.Y. Zoology.pdf2017-18June 2013April 2017 Download
137 B.Sc. S.Y. ZoologyB.Sc. S.Y. Zoology.pdf2017-18June 2014April 2016 Download
138 B.Sc.S.Y. RevisedB.Sc.S.Y. Revised.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2017 Download
139 B.Sc. T.Y. ZoologyB.Sc. T.Y. Zoology.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2017 Download
140 B.Sc.F.Y. Zoology ( Revised syllabus)B.Sc.F.Y. Zoology ( Revised syllabus).pdf2017-18June 2013April 2016 Download
141 B.Sc.S.Y. RevisedB.Sc.S.Y. Revised.pdf2017-18June 2014April 2016 Download
142 B.Sc. First YearB.Sc. First Year.pdf2017-18June 2013April 2019 Download
143 B.SC .II FISH.SCI.B.SC .II FISH.SCI.SYLLABUS.pdf2017-18June 2014April 2020 Download
144 b.sc. III year2015.oldb.sc. III year2015.old.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2020 Download
145 b.sc. III year( Revised syllabus)b.sc. III year.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2020 Download
146 Booklet FISHERY SCIENCE (CBCS)Booklet FISHERY SCIENCE (CBCS).pdf2017-18June 2015April 2020 Download
147 CERTIFICTE COURSECERTIFICTE COURSE.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2020 Download

Syllabus of Language Department

Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
148 UG First YearBOOKLET U G I Year Comp Eng Syllabus - Copy.pdf2017-18June 2013April 2018 Download
149 UG Second YearBOOKLET U G II Year Comp Eng Syllabus.pdf2017-18June 2014April 2019 Download
150 B A First YearBooklet B A I Opt English Syllabus.pdf2017-18June 2013April 2018 Download
151 B A Second YearBooklet B A II Opt English Syllabus.pdf2017-18June 2014April 2019 Download
152 B A Third YearBooklet B A III Opt English Syllabus.pdf2017-18June 2015April 2020 Download
153 M. A. I EnglishBooklet M A I Eng.pdf2017-18June 2017April 2020 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
154 B.A. F.Y. (OPT)B.A. I New PDF.pdf2017-182016-172018-19 Download
155 B.A. S.Y. (OPT)B.A.II. New PDF.pdf2017-182017-182019-20 Download
156 B.A. T.Y (OPT)B.A. III New PDF.pdf2017-182015-162017-18 Download
157 B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. F.Y. SLB.A. , B.COM , B.SC .I New PDF.pdf2017-182015-162017-18 Download
158 B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. S.Y. SLB.A. , B.COM , B.SC New PDF.pdf2017-182017-182019-20 Download
159 B.A.S.Y.Hindi S.Y. (New).pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
160 B.A.T.Y.Hindi T.Y. (New).pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
161 B.A.F.Y.B.A. I.pdf2017-182014-20152017-2018 Download
162 B.A.S.Y.B.A. II.pdf2017-182015-162018-19 Download
163 B.A.T.Y.B.A.III.pdf2017-182015-162018-19 Download
164 B.A.F.Y.B.A. I.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
165 B.A.S.Y.B.A II PDF.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
166 B.A.T.Y.B.A.III.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
167 B.A.F.Y. SEM I01.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
168 B.A.F.Y. SEM II02.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
169 B.A.S.Y. SEM III03.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
170 B.A.S.Y. SEM IV04.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
171 B.A.F.Y.Fist Year SL & Opt I & II Sem.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
172 B.A.S.Y.Secont Year SL & Opt III & IV Sem.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
173 B.A.T.Y.BA III Year Opt V & VI Sem.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
174 M.A.F.Y.MA Fist Year I & II Sem.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
175 M.A.S.Y.MA Sec Year III & IV Sem.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
176 B.A. F.Y. (CBCS)F.Y.Sanskrit Syllabus.pdf2018-1920182020 Download
177 B.A. S.Y. (CBCS)S.Y. Sanskrit Syllabus.pdf2018-1920182020 Download
178 M.A. F.Y. (CBCS)M. A. F. Y. 18-19.pdf2018-1920182020 Download
179 M.A. S.Y. (CBCS)M.A.S.Y..pdf2018-1920182020 Download

Syllabus of B.A. CEP Department

Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
180 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I, IIEng.pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
181 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I, IIMarathi.pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
182 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I,IIEconomics.pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
183 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I,IIPol.Sci..pdf2016-172016Till Date Download
184 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem : I,IIHistory.pdf2016-1720162017 Download
185 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVEnglish.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
186 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVMarathi.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
187 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVEconomics.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
188 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IVPolitical Science.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
189 B.A.S.Y. (CEP) Sem: III,IV .History.pdf2017-1820172018 Download
190 B.A.F.Y. (CEP) Sem: IGeography.pdf2017-1820172018 Download

Syllabus of Other Department

MA Mass Communication and Journalism
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
191 M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)mcj final fy.pdf2017-182017-182019-20 Download
192 M.C.J. S.Y.MCJ III & IV Sem Syllabus 2018-19.pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Moral Education
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
193 All UG F.Y (NCBC)Mulay Shikshan (1).pdf2018-192018-192020-21 Download
Ncc Studies
Sr.No Degree/Class Syllabus Year From Year To Year Action
194 B.A., B. Com., B. Sc. F.Y.NCC STUDIES I YR.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
195 B.A., B. Com., B. Sc. S.Y.NCC STUDIES II YR.pdf2017-1820152018 Download
196 B.A., B. Com., B. Sc. T.Y.NCC STUDIES -IIIYR.pdf2017-1820162019 Download
197 B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. F.Y.BOSFY_18_19.pdf2017-1820172020 Download
198 B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. S.Y.BOSSY_18_19.pdf2018-1920182021 Download