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Title of Best Practice: 'Earn-While-Learn' Scheme

        The colege runs "Earn and Learn" scheme. At the felicitation ceremony of the retired Principal A.S. Jadhav, an amount of Rs 15 lakh was collected through alumni and well-wishers. This amount is kept in the fixed deposit and the interest earned on the deposit is used for the Earnand Learn scheme. Every year nearly 60 students take benefit of this scheme, under which students are paid Rs. 25/- per hour.Cleanliness of the campus is maintained through this scheme.Under the same scheme, some studnets work in the office and in the library.

Objectives of the practice:

1.Help poor students through scholarship

2.Develop 'dignity of work' attitude among students

The Context:

        Latur comes under drought prone zone. the majority of students belonging to farmer families discontinue their education because of poor economic conditions. To help such students, the college decided to launch this scheme in 1998.

The Practice:

Applications invited from poor students by Earn-While-Learn Cell. I The applications are scrutinized on set criterion and final list is prepared. The selected students are informed about nature of work, wages per hour and allotted time schedule. As per the decided schedule, they work in the campus. The nature of work includes cleaning campus/classes, perform invigilation duty at the practice exams, assisting in the library and office work, etc. Every year 70 students are selected and the remuneration given is Rs25 per hour.

Evidence of success:

Large number of applications are received. The participating students became self-reliant and responsible citizens. The practice helped thei college in maintaining the cleanliness of campus and developing a 'Dignity of Work' attitude among the students.

Problems encountered and Resources required:
Problems encountered:

Initially, students were hesitating to work on campus. There was a paucity of funds to run this scheme.

Resources required:

A Coordinator for supervision. Rs 6.00 Lakh/annum fund for implementing the scheme.


1 Principal,Dr. Mahadev H. Gavhane Chairman
2 Dr. Elahipasha U. Masumdar Vice - Principal
3 Dr. A. J. Raju Vice - Principal
4 Dr. Kalyan Sawant Member
5 Prof. Vijay Gawali Member
6 Prof. Shrinivas More Member
7 Prof. Rajendraprasad Arya Member Secretary

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