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Employees Co-Operative Credit Society

REG.NO : OMS/LTR/BNK.450.DT.14.10.1976

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The Rajarshi Shahu College employee’s cooperative credit society is established on 14-10-1976 with registration number OSM/LTR/BNK/459-76. Total number of members by 31-03-2017 is 143 and having shares of amount Rs.19,95,019.00/- & the total deposited amount is of Rs. 2,21,71,251.00/-. During year 2016-17 our society stood in ‘A’ Grade by auditor.

The society provides loans up to maximum of Rs. 16,00,000/- with 10% interest and yearly it provides Rs.25,000/- in emergency case. Society also gives scholarship to needy students of the college. The society also reimburses the annual dividend once in a year.


1. Dr. Anuja Anirudha JadhavChairman
2. Shri. Satish Panditrao Chavanvice.Chairman
3. Shri. Sudhir Babruvan JadhavSecretary
4. Dr. Shakuntala Jairaj KulkarniMember
5. Dr. Sambhaji Vanketrao PatilMember
6. Shri. Vinod Ashokrao ZaritaklikarMember
7. Shri. Satish Dadasaheb PawarMember
8. Shri. Mahesh Sahebrao WavareMember
9. Shri. Vijay Jaishing DalviMember
10. Shri. Datta Tukaram PitleMember
11. Shri. Madhukar Sopanrao TourMember
12. Shri. Ramdas Chandar KambleMember


Monthly Deposit10%
Fixed Deposit9.50%
Retired Members Fixed Deposit9.00%
Recurring Deposit10.00%