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Beti Bachao Beti Padhao


Blood Donation


Tree Plantation


Plastic Nirmulan


Swachata Abhiyan


Save Water


1. Establishment Year : 1973
2. Total number of volunteers : 250
3. Total number of Units : 03
4. Total number of Programme officers : 03
5. Total number of Programme officers

(B) Innovative Programs :
                    * Participation and organization of programs for social benefit like tree plantation program, Literacy program, Health camp, Blood Donation camp.
                    * Participation in Raising Day rally organized by police administration.
                    * Organization of Tree Plantation programme every year.
                    * Organization street shows and other Awareness programs for eradication of Dowry system, use of toilets and female infanticide.
                    * Organization of ‘Water Awareness Week’ for water conservation and management.
                    * Organization of Youth Health Education Programme.
                    * Organization of blood Donation camps
                    * Organization of Campus Sanitation programme.
                    * Organization of International Yoga Day.
                    * Organization of awareness rally for Pollution free Ganesh Festival
                    * AIDS awareness programme
                    * Organization of Snake science guidance programme
                    * Organization of Voters awareness programme
                    * Participation in Pulse polio programme
                    * Participation in Swaccha Bharata abhiyan
                    * Celebration of Birth anniversaries and death anniversaries of National leaders
                    * Organization of special Youth Camp Every Year
                    * Collection of funds from students and teachers and distribution to needy persons.

National Camp'S


Participation in National Level Camps

Sr.No.Year CampName
1. 2001-02 National Integration Camp Shri. Anil Pawar
2. 2001-02 National Integration Camp Shri. Pandurang Katlakute
3. 2001-02 National Integration Camp Miss. Ashwini Borgaonkar
4. 2001-02 National Integration Camp Miss. karuna Karade
5. 2001-02 National Integration Camp Shri.Manikarao Patil (PO)
6. 2006-07 N.Y.F.,Pune Shri. Somesh Bidve
7. 2006-07 N.Y.F., Delhi Shri. Pravin mane
8. 2006-07 N.Y.F., Delhi Miss.Pratibha Deshmukh
9. 2012-13 (Adventure Camp A.B.Vajpapeeinst.of
Mountaineering allies sport,
manali.Himachal Pradesh )
Miss. Rajashree Baragaje
10. 20013-14 (Adventure camp,solan,
Manali. Himachal Pradesh)
Miss. Shivbai Bhosale
11. 2016 National Integration Camp Miss. Pragati Shelke
12. 2017 Adventure Camp Mr. Ravi Ghule
13. 2018 NIC Camp Miss.Kalpana Farkande



Achieved Awards

Sr.No.Year AwardsName
1. 1998-99 National Youth Award Shri.Dharmraj hallale
2. 2001-02 Best Volunteer of State Shri.Anil Pawar
3. 1997-1998 Best Volunteer of State Shri.Dharmraj hallale
4. 2004-05 Best Volunteer of State Miss.Suvarna Shelke
5. 2004-05 Best Volunteer of State Shri.Atish kale
6. 2007-08 Best Volunteer of State Shri.Ganesh Tathe
7. 2011-12 Best Volunteer of State Miss. Bhakti Todkar
8. 2012-13 Best Volunteer of State Miss.Mahadevi Thakur
9. 2013-14 Best Volunteer of District Mr.Jaiswal Rohan
10. 2014-15 Best Volunteer of State Shri.Rohan jaiswal
11. 2014-15 Best Vol.of Avhan Camp,
Shri.Rohan jaiswal
12. 2014-15 State level Road Safety Award N N S Unit
13. 2014-15 Best Volunteer of District Miss. Pradnya Kambale
14. 2016-17 Best Volunteer of State Miss. Madhuri Jagtap
15. 2016-17 Best Volunteer of District Miss. Sonali Dongave



Participation in RD,PRE-RD AND SRD

Sr.No.Year RD/pre- RDName
1. 2002-03 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Sapna Punje
2. 2003-04 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Sanjivani Kasle
3. 2003-04 SRD Parade,Mumbai Shir.Anand Thakur
4. 2006-07 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Kalpana Mane
5. 2013 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Mahadevi Thakur
6. 2014 SRD Parade,Mumbai Shir.Govind Bombilwad
7. 2015 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Rajeshree Bargaje
8. 2016 SRD Parade,Mumbai Mr.Santosh Prakash Balgir
9. 2016 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Hrudaya Balaji Suryawanshi
10. 2017 SRD Parade,Mumbai Shri.Ajay Narsing kamble
11. 2017 SRD Parade,Mumbai Shri.Amol Ashok Gejage
12. 2017 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss.Rupali Sanjeevreddy Gatte
13. 2017 NRD Parade, Rajpath, Delhi Miss. Sonali Sambhajirao Dongave
14. 2018 Pre NRD, West Zone, Nagpur Miss. Madhuri Pandurang Kote
15. 2018 Pre NRD, West Zone, Nagpur Shri. Dongave Shivkant Sambhaji
16. 2019 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss. Madhuri Pandurang Kote
17. 2019 SRD Parade,Mumbai Shri. Dongave Shivkant Sambhaji
18. 2019 SRD Parade,Mumbai Miss. Swami Shradha Srimant

student list





2021 - 2022

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Work Shop on Awareness for use of LPG and safety aspects for use of LPG28/06/2022 View

2020 - 2021

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Tree Plantation Programme28-01-2021 View
National Voter’s Day Programme25-01-2021 View
Savitrichya Leki Programme04-01-2021 View
Sant Gadge Baba Birth Anniversary23-02-2021 View
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti and Vrikshadindi18-02-2021 View
Blood Donation Camp 16-02-2021 View
Poster Presentation Competition for woman’sEmpowerment ( International Women's Day)08-03-2021 View
Online Special Youth Camp-2020-21 11.05.2021 to 15.05.2021 View
One Day National Law Awareness Camp11.01.2021 View
Online Yoga Day 21-06-2020 View
COVID-19 Virus Awareness Campaign and Investigation Programme17-06-2020 to 30-06-2020 View
International Youth Day and Poster Presentation/ Drawing Competition28-08-2020 to 30-08-2020 View
State Level Elocution Competition17-08-2020 View
Celebration of NSS Foundation Day24-09-2020 View
Tree Plantation at Central Bus Stand on the occasion of 90th birthday of Dr Gopalraoji Pati03-10-2020 View
Gift of 10 computer sets to Wagholi village 08-10-2020 View
Collective Oath for Anti-corruption27-10-2020 View
National Unity Day 30-10-2020 View
State Level Elocution Competition 07-11-2020 View
Poster Presentation on the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week17-11-2020 View
Plastic Eradication Awareness Rally31.12.2020 View
Plastic Eradication Awareness: A Special Guidance Programm 12-12-2020 View
Workshop on Mental Health and Stress Management28-12-2020 View

2019 - 2020

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
---- ----

2018 - 2019

Name of Activity Date Activity Report