The department of Physical Education and sports has been actively participating in the growth of Rajarshi Shahu College since its establishment In 1974 Prof. V. G. Gaikwad sir had appointed as a sport director since them our department never looked back, students of our college have been getting medals, prizes compare to other institutes inample. Then after Prof. K.R. More mam, Prof. T. N. Kadam sir and Prof. Vijay Hande also had contributed in the progress. Up to 2016-17 generally during the 42 years of successive span near about 750 students had been participated at university level. Though firstly we didn’t have any proper facilities such as ground, students from rural area etc. yet we maintained our sports merit along with academic merit which resulsted in grand success i.e. participating near about 87 students at National and International level.

        Not only do we admire the sport achievements in the form of ‘Gun Gaurav Satkar’ (Celebration of Merit) but also we send them on different branches to guide the other students through the Earn and Learn Scheme with proper remuneration.

        Today we have for advanced grounds and instruments. Our Sastha is very ken in each and every activity thus Sanstha saw our achievements and continuous efforts In sports, they made available a small sports hub for us. we have 400 m (10 ledge) track, 2 basket ball courts, 2 lon tennis courts, volleyball courts, kho-kho courts etc just … at the distance of 10-12 km from main city in the area of 20 acres. Under the UGC scheme we have Indoor Facility Hall and an International level swimming pool (50x21) and would be synthetic soon. Sanstha has provided us ample school buses for the players.

        As well as in the compass of college we have a TT Hall, a chess hall and a Gym for the students. We have appointed 4 Punes to keep continuous observation over these. It is an honour for us that our one of students has participated at international level in Russia for the Kick Boxing competition. As well as in the academic year 2014-15, we have got 2 to 3 medals in treep jump and Basket Ball which was had in Nanded entitled Krida Mahotsav In 2016-17 our university l.e. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University has Won 1st prize in all India Inter University Net-ball competition where in our 02 students played. Our department is not only leading in acquiring prizes and medals but also leading in organizing the tournaments. We have a such great track which you will never find elsewhere so every year university gives as chance to organize different tournaments. We usually every year organize A zone competitions of athletics or ground we have separate boys and girls TT Hall so since last 10 years we have been organizing this competition. we usually 2 to 3 competitions organize yearly and recently we have organized a grand event called All India Inter University Net Boll Tournament with the permission of S.R.T.M.U. Nanded. For that tournament near about 1200 players had participated along with 240 sorts guides and 50 umpires and it’s our great privilege that we gave all the facilities like accommodation, meal and proper ground.

        Thus, we are not only leaders of academic merits but also of sports merits and we are on the way of new track.