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As per the guidelines of Supreme Court, UGC,Sexual Harassement of Women at Workplace (Prevention,Prohibition and Redressal Act,2013),the following constitutes sexual harassment:

1.Any unwelcome physical,verbal or non verbal conduct of sexual nature.
2.Demand or request for sexual favours.
3.Making sexually coloured remarks.
4.Physical contact and advances.
5.Showing pornography

Punishment and Compensation :

It the offender is an employee,he/she shall be punished in accordance with the service rules of the HEI.
1.With hold privileges of all access
2.Suspend or restrict entry into the campus for a specific period
3.Expel and strick of name from the rolls the institution including denial of readmission,if the offence so warrants


Internal Complaint Committee

Year 2019-2020
Sr.No. Name Designation E-Mail Id Contact No
1 Dr. Kanchanprabha Maske Presiding Officer 9422612680
2 Dr. Anuja Jadhav Member 9834393529
3 Shri. Jagannath Kshirsagar Non-teaching Member 9921618774
4 Smt. Swati Sawant Non-teaching Member 9922926320
5 Smt.Ashatai Bhise Non-govt Organisation Member 9422071707
6 Miss Shagufta Shaikh PG Student Representative
7 Mr. Birajdar Parmeshwar A. B.Sc. III (P.M. NCC) Student Representative
8 Miss Pandit Dipali S. B.Com I (B) Roll No. 226 Student Representative