Academic Calendar 2022-2023

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May - 2023

Date Day Events
1Monday Maharashtra Foundation Day Celebration
22Monday Board of Examinations (BoE) Meeting
25Thursday Declaration of Results of Semester End Examination: Summer-2023
Summer Vacations : 1 May to 14 June, 2023

April - 2023

Date Day Events
3Monday Finance Committee Meeting
6Thursday Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Meeting
3 to 13Mon. to Thur. Semester End Practical Examination: Summer-2023
13Thursday College Development Committee (CDC) Meeting
14Friday Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti (Holiday)
15 to 30Sat. to Sun. Semester End Examination: Summer-2023
17Monday Governing Body Meeting
29Saturday Principal's Meeting with Teaching Faculty

March - 2023

Date Day Events
6 to 12Mon. to Sun. Unit Test-II (MCQ) Summer -2023
12Sunday Ranga Panchami (Holiday)
15 to 30Wed. to Thur. Semester End Examination (Descriptive) : Summer-2023 Paper Setting
22Wednesday Gudhipadwa (Holiday)
29Wednesday Staff Academy Lecture
29Wednesday 100% Syllabus Completion
30Thursday Ram Navami (Holiday)

February - 2023

Date Day Events
1 to 15Wed. to Wed. Unit Test-II (MCQ): Summer-2023 Paper Setting
10Friday RSM-HACKATHON-2023
18Saturday Mahashivratri (Holiday)
19Sunday Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Holiday)
21Tuesday 75% Syllabus Completion
22Wednesday College Development Committee (CDC) Meeting
23-28Thur. to Tue. Science Festival
28 Tuesday Staff Academy Lecture

January - 2023

Date Day Events
01 to 10Sun. to Tue. Submission of Examination Form Summer-2023
05 to 14Thur. to Sat. Board of Studies (BoS) Meeting
10Tuesday College Development Committee (CDC) Meeting
12 to 18Thur. to Wed. National Youth Week Celebration
15Sunday Makar Sankranti (Holiday)
20 to 25Fri. to Wed. Unit Test-I Summer-2023 (Activity Based Test)
26Thursday Republic Day Celebration
26 to 28Thur. to Sat. Annual Social Gathering
30Monday Staff Academy Lecture
31Tuesday Academic Council Meeting

December - 2022

Date Day Events
1Thursday Beginning of Second Term
20Tuesday Board of Examinations (BoE) Meeting
21Wednesday Declaration of Results of Semester End Examination: Winter-2022
23Friday Vel Amavasya (Holiday)
28Wednesday Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Meeting
30Friday Staff Academy Lecture

November - 2022

Date Day Events
7 to 16Mon. to Wed. Semester End Practical Examination: Winter-2022
17 to 30Thur. to Wed. Semester End Examination (Descriptive) :Winter-2022
30Wednesday Staff Academy Lecture
30 Nov. to 5 Dec.Wed. to Mon. NSS Special Youth Camp

October - 2022

Date Day Events
2Sunday Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti
3 to 6Mon. to Thur. Feedback on Teaching Learning
5Wednesday Dasara (Holiday)
6Thursday Shahu Vyakhyanmala
7Friday Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Meeting
9Sunday Eid-E-Milad (Holiday)
10Monday College Development Committee (CDC) Meeting
14Friday Board of Examinations (BoE) Meeting
15Saturday 100% Syllabus Completion
15Saturday Principal's Meeting with Teaching Faculty
16 to 21Sun. to Fri. Study Tours
Diwali Holidays: 17 Oct. to 05 Nov. 2022

September - 2022

Date Day Events
2Friday Finance Committee Meeting
4Sunday Gauri Poojan (Holiday)
5Monday College Day & Teachers Day
5Monday Shahu Bhushan Award Distribution Ceremony
12 to 23Mon. to Fri. Semester End Examination (Descriptive) : Winter-2022 Paper Setting
14Wednesday 75% Syllabus Completion
15 to 17Thur. to Sat. Personality Development Workshop
17Saturday University Foundation Day
19Monday Governing Body Meeting
19 to 25Mon. to Sun. Unit Test-II (MCQ) Winter-2022
27Tuesday Inauguration of Students' Council
30Friday Staff Academy Lecture

August - 2022

Date Day Events
1 to 6Mon. to Sat. Unit Test-I Winter-2022 (Activity Based Test)
9Tuesday Moharam (Holiday)
15Monday Independence Day Celebration
16 to 20Tue. to Sat. Feedback on Teaching Learning
16 to 27Tue. to Sat. Unit Test-II (MCQ): Winter-2022 Paper Setting
18Thursday Academic Council Meeting
20 to 25Sat. to Thur. Inauguration of Students' Associations
26Friday Pola (Holiday)
27Saturday Formation of Student Council
30Tuesday Staff Academy Lecture
31Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday)

July - 2022

Date Day Events
4Monday Faculty Development Programme
8Friday Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Meeting
8Friday Commencement of Regular Teaching (UG I)
10Sunday Aashadhi Ekadashi & Bakari–Eid (Holiday)
11Monday Students' Induction Programme
15 to 25Fri. to Mon. Submission of Examination Form (UG I & PG I)
16Saturday Saturday
18Monday RSM-HACKATHON-2022
18 to 30Mon. to Sat. Board of Studies (BoS) Meeting
28Thursday Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Meeting
29Friday College Development Committee (CDC) Meeting
30Saturday Staff Academy Lecture

June - 2022

Date Day Events
12 Sunday Alumni Meet
13Monday Beginning of New Academic Year and Principal's Meeting with Teaching Faculty
15Wednesday Workshop on Yoga for Physical and Mental Health
15 to 29Wed. to Wed. Yoga Training Programme
20Monday Commencement of Regular Teaching (UG II, III & PG II)
21Tuesday International Yoga Day
23 to 25Thur. to Sat. Internal Academic Audit
26Sunday Chhatrapati Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Jayanti
28Tuesday Board of Examinations (BoE) Meeting
29Wednesday Student-Teacher-Parent Meet


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