RSML Health Care Center

                  To keep students, resident employees and their families healthy, happy and joyful a health center has been constructing in the campus.The primary duties of the health centre has started its functioning provide immediate medical treatment to employees & students in the campus. Health Centre is well equipped with many advance medical equipment like, X-ray, Nebulizer, Autoclave for sterilization, two consulting room, Dressing room, Dispensary room, Registration room. Health Centre provides following service at nominal charges

  • Medicine for minor illnesses.
  • Dressing

2021 - 2022

Sr.No. Name Date Report
1 Health Checkup Camp for staff 01/10/2021 View
2 Happiness Mantra: A Wellness talk 05/10/2021 View
3 World Day for Safety and Health at work 25/04/2022 to 28/04/2022 View
4 Yog, Pranayam and Dhyan Dharna Shibir 26/03/2022 to 30/03/2022 View

2020 - 2021

Sr.No. Name Date Report
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