Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous), Latur


1.Academic Excellence –Setting high performance standards, being accountable for and responsible towards work. Endeavor to excel in research, education and student activities

2.Integrity and honesty – Conduct all activities in an ethical manner. Commit to practices that are fair, honest and objective in dealing with students, faculty members, staff, and stakeholders at all levels of the community.

3.Diversity and Mutual Respect- In our culture and intellectually diverse community, we appreciate differences in one another as well as similarities and aspire to be an increasingly inclusive educational institution that attracts, retains and values talented people from all backgrounds. We believe in diversity in intellectual approach and outlook.

4. Expand horizons of knowledge- Provide educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve information literacy, career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership and service to the community.

5.Shared Governance-In most of the decisions, students and faculty are actively involved for better implementation of policies.

6.Social Responsibility-Social spirit is promoted through active engagement of students and faculty in several social programs.

7.Learning for Life- Commitment to the liberal arts and sciences, as well as to a variety of professional programs, is a commitment to education as a means of liberating people to live meaningful lives as well as earn a decent living.

8.Ethics – Foster a learning environment that promotes responsible, principled behavior which respects the dignity of all members of the community.

9.Service to Nation- Commit to provide well-cultured, morally valued and trained manpower for the betterment of the people of India.