Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous), Latur

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1. Establishment Year : 1972-73
2. Aims of NCC : To develop the qualities of comradeship, courage, character, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service to the society and thus make them useful citizens. To create a human resource of organized trained and motivated girls to provide leadership in all walks at the life including Armed forces which are always available for the service.
3. Enrolment: Enrolment of cadets is as per the directives at Head quarter Aurangabad Group working under Maharashtra Directorate of NCC organization.
4. Training: Training Period : 3 years Parade days of Timing : 2 days in week (Total 120 days)
1. Friday – 4 pm to 6 am
2. Saturday – 4 pm to 6 am.
Training staff : 1. ANO – Capt. Dr. O.V. Shahapurkar (Duration:1992 to 2018) Visiting PI staff : (JCO and NCO) (A) Training Syllabus : Training Programme and syllabi is framed by NCC organization at national level. NCC Syllabus covers entire aspects to achieve aims of NCC. It. includes : Drill, Map Reading, Field Engineering, Obstacle; Weapon Training First and Health & Hygiene, Military Organization, National Integration Self Defense, Posture Training and Yoga, Disaster management etc.
(B) Nature of training :
1. On parade ground
2. In the Class room
3. During various camps
(ATC/CATC/TSC/SNIC/ALC/BLC/NIC/Pre. RD / RD Group Selection/TSC/Trekking / Parasailing/ Scuba diving.
4. Guest lectures
5. Firing Training in Training Camp
6. Participation in social services : our NCC cadets participate in social services like Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Pulse Polio Drive, Anti-AIDS Rally and Disaster Management
7. Disaster Management Training
5. Incentives : • NCC organization motivates cadets, by offering scholarships and giving them washing and refreshment allowance as per NCC rules of DG NCC to the eligible cadets.
• SRTM, University, Nanded gives benefit of additional five marks at final year degree examination of under graduate level eligible NCC Cadet every year.
• In Annual Gathering Programme, our college offers prizes to cadets for their special achievement during various camp activities.
• ANO Capt Dr. O.V. Shahapurkar has been kept cash prize and Memonto from college to the cadet attending State/National level Competition Camp and Best cadet for the year.
• In our Autonomous college (4 credits are allotted at UG level for NCC cadet.)


2021 - 2022

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2020 - 2021

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Vrukshdindi on the occasion of celebration of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 18/02/2021 View
Workshop on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation 01/02/2021 View
Workshop on Leadership Management 25/01/2021 View
Workshop on Incentives for NCC Cadets 06/01/2021 View
Swachhata Abhiyan 22/12/2020 View

2019 - 2020

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2018 - 2019

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