Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous), Latur


        The Department of Elocution and Debate at Rajarshi Shahu College, popularly known in Maharashtra and across the country as the Shahu Pattern, Latur Pattern for Academic Quality, has consistently focused on the development of students' talents. The Elocution and Debate Department conducts personality development activities for students like Essay competition, elocution and debate,paintingcompetition, reading andwriting competition,vivekvahini and Constitution awareness day.This initiative provides opportunities to the latent talents in the students. Their all-round personality is shaped and nurtured.The state level competition is one of them. We are providing the right think tank through this elocution competition for students across the state to express themselves.

        This is the third year of the competition and Maharashtra has inherited a legacy of progressive thinking.Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shinde was theshining star in this series of progressive social reformers.
He was a visionary and active social reformer. He was born on April 23, 1973 in Jamkhandi, Karnataka.After obtaining B.A. degree from Mumbai University, he attained social status. Maharishi Vitthal Ramji Shinde brought about social change by taking active part in women's education, untouchability eradication,alcohol ban, farmers development scheme, drought relief, Murali prevention movement and religious reform movement. He passed away on January 2, 1944 in Pune.The state level elocution competition has been organized with the aim of introducing the youth to their progressive thoughts and work.

        The present age is to express oneself in the true sense. Communication skills and stage courageof the student are masteredto enrich the intellectual power of the youth and the intellectual and ideological heritage of Maharashtra.
Although we are only providing the think tank for the rights of the youth through the competition, it is a humble request to send one or two teams of students from your college to participate in the ‘Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shinde State Level Elocution Competition.’

        Students from Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Participated and Secured prizes in various Debate and Elocution competitions organized at various places like chalisgaon, Pune, Aurangabad, Ambejogai, Udgir, Killari, Beed, Pandharpur, Udgir, Nanded, Vasmat and other throughout Maharashtra.

• To develop speech skills in students
• To give opportunity to students for elocution and leadership.
• To develop language proficiency
• Giving students the opportunity for personality development
• Stimulate student

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Sr. No. Committee Members
1 Mr. Suryakant Chavan
2 Ms. Sayali Samudre
3 Mr. Sandeep Kamble


District Level

Sr. No. Organiser Name Student Name Award Class
1 Latur Police force Hasure Yadavraj Shahuraj 1st B.Sc. II
2 Latur Police force Prathmesh Deshpande 3rd B.Sc. III
3 Latur Police force Rahul Gokule 4th B.Com. III

University Level

Sr. No. Organiser Name Student Name Award Class
1 Ramrao Patil B.Ed. College, Udgir (Debate) Hasure Yadavraj Shahuraj 1st B.Sc. II
2 Ramrao Patil B.Ed. College, Udgir (Debate) Farkande Kalpaa 3rd B.A. I

State Level

Sr. No. Organiser Name Student Name Award Class
1 Shivaji College, Omerga (Debate) Hasure Yadavraj Shahuraj 1st B.Sc.-II
2 Madhavrao Patil College, Murum, Tq. Omerga (Debate) Hasure Yadavraj Shahuraj 2nd B.Sc.-II
3 Terna College, Osmanabad. (Debate) Hasure Yadavraj Shahuraj 1st B.Sc.-II
4 Mamasaheb jagdale College, Washi. (Debate) Hasure Yadavraj Shahuraj 2nd B.Sc.-II
5 Kusumtai Patil College, Islampur, Dist. Sangli Elocution 3rd B.Sc.-II
6 Mahatma Baswehwar College, Latur (Debate) Elocution 2nd B.Com.-II
7 Shivaji College, Omerga (Debate) Rahul Gokule 1st B.Com-III
8 Terna College, Osmanabad. (Debate) Birajdar Vivekanand 1st B.Com-II
9 Vaidynanath College of Parali (V.) Dist. Beed. (Elocution) Ashwini Lonkar 3rd B.A.-III


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