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Junior College of Commerce, Latur

Friday, December 31, 2021 7:58:32 PM

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The commerce stream after completion of Class 10 is quite a popular choice in India, as most students feel that the stream offers them a wide arena of career options to pursue after class 12, that would bring them both success as well as financial security easily. However, what most students do not realize is that just as is the case with the science stream, a student also needs to have a certain aptitude for commerce to be completely successful in it.

Some students may choose the Commerce stream for this reason. However, it is a fact that if they have a mind that is more suited to a career in the Humanities stream, or even the Science stream, they would find it hard to survive and perform well in Commerce.

But even them, we will tell you why one should choose Commerce. To help you gauge whether you are meant to pursue a career in the field of commerce, its importance, scope and careers. This section provides a basic knowledge of what this stream is all about.

Meaning of Commerce
Commerce as a stream of education can be defined as a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to final consumer. The main subjects that are taught in the Commerce stream in Class 11 and 12 include Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies. Choose this field if you have a genuine interest in these subjects and have an affinity for numbers, the economy and business!

Business Studies is an important subject for commerce students. Here are some of the reasons why one should study Business Studies:
1. Business Studies is a subject that deals with the operation and organization of modern business enterprises. The subject covers each feature of a business firm, such as how a firm will be affected in different business situations.
2. The main areas of study in the subject include business organizations, their various features, structure and functioning, marketing, operations management, human resource management, etc.
3. Studying Business allows a student to observe and analyze the behavior and tactics of different firms.
4. The subject of Business Studies involves more than just mastering the art of doing business. The subject brings students abreast with the corporate culture and prepares them for their professional life.
5. Business activities are something that affect the daily lives of all people in a society. It also influences creation of employment, incomes, opportunities for personal enterprise, standards of living of all individuals. Studying business allows a student to understand how business activities influence the society and the economy directly and indirectly.


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