Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous), Latur


        The cultural unit regularly arranges social annual gathering each year in which students are given opportunity to exhibit their inherent talents through various performances such as drama, skit, mime, folk arts, drawings, paintings, singing etc.

        The cultural unit students participate in youth festivals of SRTM, University, Nanded every year. They have proved their talents and maintained a very bright record in it. The college bagged General Championship in 20013 and runner up in 2014.

        The cultural unit students participated in Lokankika; a highly raputed one act play competition arranged by ‘Loksatta’ – Matathi news paper of Express group; and won second prize in Aurangabad division.

        Cultural unit students arrange awareness campaign for national, social and educational issues through performing Bharud, Gondhal and Kirtan (These are folk arts of Maharashtra used from ancient periods for public education in Maharashtra)

        The cultural unit arranges workshop for drama and folk dances occasionally.

        The Cultural Unit of Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur (Autonomous) has executed various extension activities in neighboring communities by performing street plays on different social issues like protecting and respecting woman, importance of voting in democracy, misuse of mobiles, and importance of water conservation.

        Cultural unit students provide folk dance training to school students and prepare them forannual gathering.

        The Cultural unit hosted The First National Film Festival, ”NOMAD” on 9th January 2017 in collaboration with National Alliance Group For Denotified and Nomadic Ttribe (NAG-DNT) and Maharashtra students federation. Nomadic tribes (NT) are homeless, migrating communities who are misunderstood as criminals from ancient periods and are kept away from social recognition and major developmental programs even today. Students visited neighboring NT communities before the film festival, studied their livelihood, cultures and traditions to produce awareness among society. The festival screened five short films produced by different groups dedicated to this movement. The festival has got coverage of news papers and magazines, too.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Dipak Vedpathak Chairman
2 Mr. Dhananjay Palke Member
3 Dr. Pallavi Patil Member
4 Dr. Dayanand Raje Member
5 Mr. Suryakant Chavan Member
6 Dr. Kakasaheb Raut Member
7 Dr. Prakash Rodiya Member
8 Dr. Renuka Londhe Member
9 Ms. Manisha Dhotre Member
10 Ms. Chetana Ahale Member
11 Mr. Pramod Bachiphale Member
12 Mr. Harisarvottam Joshi Member
13 Mr. Bhimrao Patil Member
14 Mr. Vaibhav Mane Member
15 Mr. Vikas Waghmare Member


2022 - 2023

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Celebration of World Theatre Day: 27th March 04-04-2023 View
Lokraja Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Short Film Festival : 2023 05-03-2023 View
Fine Arts Competition on Gender Equity 26-02-2023 View
Annual Gathering- Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Krutadnyata Sohala 25 to 27-02-2023 View
Jagkti Marathi Sahitya Abhiwachan Mahotsav 12-02-2023 View
Cultural Unit Alumni Reunion - 2022 Maitra Jeevanche Rang Shahuche 27-12-2022 View
Natya Prashikshan Shibir 22 to 28-08-2022 View

2021 - 2022

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Shahu Kala Mahotsav:2022- SwarLata Annual Gathering01-05-2022 and 02-05-2022 View
Cultural Unit30-04-2022 View
Celebration of the world theater day and Monoacting competition 27-03-2022 View

2020 - 2021

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Shahu Kala Mahotsav (Annual Gathering)14-05-2021 View

2019 - 2020

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Fine Arts Competition on Rangoli, Posters and Sculpture making for Gender Equity 10-02-2020 View
Annual Social Gathering 10-02-2020 to 12-02-2020 View

2018 - 2019

Name of Activity Date Activity Report
Fine Arts Competition on Rangoli and Posters for Gender Equity 26-01-2019 View
Natya Prashikshan Shibir
Akhil Bhartiya Marathi Shitya Sbhiwachan Sprdha
Annual Social Gathering : Pulotsav : 2019
30-08-2018 to 04-09-2018
20-02-2019 to 21-02-2019


Year Cultural Unit
2020-21 View
2019-20 View
2018-19 View