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B. Voc.(Food Processing and Technology)

Sem. I & II(Session 2018-2019)
Sem. III & IV(Session 2019-2020)
Sem. V & VI (Session 2020-2021)

Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) is launched under the scheme of University Grants Commission on skill development based higher education leading to Bachelor of Vocation (B. Voc.) degree with multiple exits as Diploma/Advanced Diploma under the National Skill Qualification framework. The B. Voc. Programme incorporate specific job roles and their National Occupational Standards along broad based general education.

1. B. Voc. Programme :
                     The B. Voc. Programme has been designed as per National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) emphasizing on skill based education.
2. Duration of Program: :
                     The duration of Program is 3 years with 3 exit points.
1 Diploma 1 Year 5
2 Advanced Diploma 2 Years 6
3 B.Voc. Degree 3 Years 7
Note :
         1. After successful completion of second semester (1st Year) a Diploma will be awarded to the candidate.
         2. After successful completion of fourth semester (2nd Year) an Advance Diploma will be awarded to the candidate.
         3. After successful completion of six semester (3rd Year) B. Voc. Degree will be awarded to the candidate
3. Eligibility criteria for admission :
         12th class or equivalent from any stream.
4. Total number of seats :
         B. Voc. (Food processing & Technology) : 50
5. Reservation of Seats :
                     As per rules of University of Delhi.
6. Curriculum :
(i) Generic Component :
         The general education component should adhere to the normal university standards. It should emphasize and offer courses which provide holistic development. However, it should not exceed 40% of the total curriculum.
(ii) Skill Component: :
         National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) & Sector Skill Council (SSC) will share the curriculum of the identified job roles which will being alignment to qualification packs and National Occupational Standards.
7. Credit Calculation :
The following formula should be used for conversion of time into credit hours :
         a) One Credit would mean equivalent of 14 to 15 periods of 60 minutes each, for theory, workshops/labs and tutorials:
         b) For internship/field work, the credit weightage for equivalent hours shall be 50% of that for lectures/labs and tutorials;
        c) For self-learning, based on e-content or otherwise, the credit weightage for equivalent hours of study should be 50% or less of that for lectures/workshops.
NSQF Level Skill Component Credits General Education Credits Total Credits (Cumulative) Normal calendar duration Exit Points/ Awards
5 (Year 1) 36 24 60 Two Semesters Diploma
6 (Year 2) 36 24 120 Four Semesters Advanced Diploma
7 (Year 3) 36 24 180 Six Semesters Degree

For More Details Contact us: :
1. Dr. Sachin S. Kulkarni Coordinator for Food Processing and Technology


B Voc Food Processing & Technology

After completing this specific programme

1) Students will develope a practical understanding of the Food Processing and its Technology.

2) Students will get proper hands on training through various practical.

2) Students will learn to how to process food and which technologies are used for processing.

3) Students will learn to use technology to process the food..

4) Students will be able to start their own food processing unit..


Photo Name Designation Qualification Resume
Dr. Londhe Renuka Ramakant Nodal Officer, & Head Department of Computer Science M. C. S., M. Phil. (CS), Ph. D. (CS) View
Dr. Sachin Shripadrao Kulkarni Nodal Officer, & Department Head M.Sc., M.Phil, DBM, Ph.D View
Miss. Swati Ganesh Swami Assistant Professor M.Sc. Biotechnology View
Mr. Akash Janardhan Waghmare Assistant Professor M.Sc. Mathematics View


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Name 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
Dr. Londhe Renuka Ramakant View
Dr. Sachin Shripadrao Kulkarni View
Dr. Vihang Patil View
Dr. Sathe Gitanjali Baburao View
Mrs. Shilpa Survase View
Miss. Kalyani N. Dhule View
Miss. Swati Ganesh Swami View
Miss.Chaitali Vijay Chavan View
Mr. Kishor Yuvraj Patil View
Mr. Akash Janardhan Waghmare View


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2020 - 2021

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Guest Lecture on Dairy Industry:Overview and emerging trends02-01-2021 View
Student Induction Programme 2020-2130-09-2020 to 03-10-2020 View
Guest lecture on Startup Opportunities in Food Industry. On occasion of Celebration of World Food Day16-10-2020 View

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