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Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya, Latur



        Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya is known for academic excellence with overall development of students’ life so that they can groom as promising and sensitive citizen of India. The institute nurture the students by involving activities of various platforms such as Shahu Women Forum (SWF), NSS, NCC, Cultural unit, Sports Department etc to create awareness and sensitivity to social problems and challenges faced by girl students and women faculties.

        SWF organizes various programs to motivate and inspire the students towards Gender Sensitization and Equity. This year due to pandemic, the programs will be conducted virtually. The Institute has decided online workshops, webinars, interactive sessions and awareness programs on various issues related with Gender and social issues. The main motive of SWF is to make the young boys and girls gender sensitive and try to develop positive social reforms that value the girls and their rights. All other committees will plan their virtual activities to support the motive of SWF.

        The Institution along with various platforms plans to carry out the following programs to meet the goal of Gender Neutrality:


        Women Empowerment and Gender Equality are the most important requirements for the upliftment and progress of our nation. The Shahu Women Forum (SWF) was established in 2018–19 in an effort to make RSML a powerful kernel of gender sensitization. The forum seeks to promote a gender-sensitive community on campus and in society. Its members are both College staff and students. Through college students, it has been organizing a variety of academic, technological, medical, cultural, and social events for the advancement of women.

• To contribute to the creation of an egalitarian society in a patriarchal society where the socio-cultural value of male dominance is deeply ingrained.
• To assist female students to lead a balanced life free from aggressiveness or depression.
• To emphasize the advancement of women in every field.
• To plan events and activities to promote women's empowerment.
• To foster an atmosphere that will enable women to reach their full potential and provide their best.
• To encourage female students to be self-reliant and economically independent.
• To instill positive self-esteem and confidence in the female students so that they can take the right decision in and for-their lives.

Vision and Mission

Shaping and illuminating the young minds, paving the road for them to develop into balanced, better people.

• Educating students on their constitutional, statutory, and social rights as women in order to stop gender-based exploitation.
• Educating girls about many forms of violence, including sexual, physical, and mental assault, and further preparing them with the skills and fortitude necessary to combat it.
• Raising awareness of the importance of gender equality.
• Giving both genders equal access to the workforce.
• Dispelling deeply deep-rooted stereotypes and prejudices against women.

Future Plans:
• The Forum is putting a lot of effort into the Child Day Care facility that will be offered to faculty so that they can leave their children at the day care centre without worrying about them.
• To help female students who experience daily tension and anxiety, a meditation centre will be constructed.
• The Forum will also arrange yoga retreats and aerobics classes to help people lead healthy, active lives.
• Numerous presentations, workshops, and events will be held to promote the value of and strategies for women's empowerment and gender equality. These programmes will also give female students a platform to discover their untapped skills.


Committee :
I. Faculty Members:
1. Dr. K. G. Maske
2. Dr. Anuja Jadhav
3. Dr. Pushpa Kavle
4. Smt. Swati Sawant
5. Dr. Manisha Dhotre
6. Ms. Jyashree Jadhav

II. Student Representative:
1. Ms. Asiya Beg- B.CoM .III
2. Ms. Gauri Pallod – M.CoM.II
3. Ms. Gayatri Panchal-B Sc CS III
4. Ms. Ankita Ravikar-Bio- technology
5. Ms. Sharayu Nila –M Sc I Bio-technology

Anual Gender Sensitization Action Plan 2020-2021 :      Click Here

Sr.No Theme Target Participants Action Plan
1 Gender Sensitization Students and Staff Workshops and Webinar sessions with invited experts on issues and problems of Adolescence, Education, Cyber Security, Relationship Abuse, Self Defence Program.
2 Gender based Issues Students
  • Awareness Program on safety of girls, Legal Awareness, Social Problems.
  • Interaction with an activists.
3 Health and Hygiene Students and Staff
  • Online Interactive sessions with invited doctors on COVID-19.
  • Online Interactive sessions on various issues of Women’s health like appropriate healthy diet, importance of daily exercise, personal hygiene, PCOD, etc.
4 Gender Equality and Equity Students
  • Workshop on the latest advancement in Science and Technology.
  • National e-workshop on Women Empowerment in Science and Technology.
5 Women Rights and Women Empowerment Students and Staff
  • Awareness Program on Women Rights and Gender Equality.
  • Poster Presentation Competition on Women Empowerment.
6 Career opportunities Students
  • Workshop on career opportunities.
  • Training on interview techniques and soft skills.
  • Interactive sessions with renowned entrepreneurs.
7 Infrastructure and supportive facilities for Gender Equality and Security Students and Staff
  • Installation of incinerator in the Girls Hostel and Girls common room.
  • Sanitary Vending machine.
  • Installation of CCTV cameras in the Girls hostel and Girls common room.