Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous), Latur



    Library has a seprate Network having 2 Servers and 23 nodes with multimedia facility.
    Computerization of library is already completed using the SOUL software,Libman cloud computing.
    Acadmic year 2022-23 using KOHA software
    Well equipeed Computer Lab with multimedia facility.
    Intranet facility.


    We extend the OPAC facility to the users. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) of KOHA software is a powerful search engine for the retrieval of any cataloguing information from bibliographic database on-line. The search options includes Title, Author, Subject, Class Number, ISBN, Publisher, Accession Number, Series / Note / Volume, Free text search of Boolean Search, for the retrieval of books.


    Installed C.C.T.V. system with 26 cameras with control units for overall supervision.


    Our college is a recognized research centre for English, Marathi, Sociology,Political Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Microbiology, Physics & Electronics, Zoology & Fishery Science, Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Computer Science, Political Science, Our teachers in the subjects of Marathi, Pali, Microbiology, Physics & Electronics, Zoology & Fishery Science, Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry are recognized Ph.D. Guides. Research Scholars in the above subject enroll for Ph.D. We provide all the facilities to them.


    Photocopying machines in the library which are used for making photo copies of educational material. This facility is also available for copying question papers, certificates etc.on reasonable rates.


    Separate Internet communication with 50 MBPS speed.


    For the safety purpose, we have installed 18 fire extinguisher cylinders.


The following Information Services are available in the library:

  • Current Awareness Service (CAS)
  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  • Reference Service
  • Indexing & Abstracting Service
  • Bibliographic Service
  • Computerized issue return
  • Access to open accessories sources.
  • Newspapers clippings Service

Extension Services

  1. Reading Hall
  2. Separate Reading Form
  3. Book Exhibition
  4. Soft copy of syllabus & question papers
  5. Open access system
  6. OPAC
  7. Internet

Best Practices

1) Inclusion of adequate information about the library in college prospectus.

2) Gold Card for Advanced Learner UG and PG Student

3) Newspapers clippings Service

4) Career / Employment information services

5) Book Exhibitions on special occasions.

6) Suggestion Box.

7) Displaying new arrivals

8) User orientation / staff training programme

9) Organization of seminars and workshops.

10) First-Aid Box

11) Best Reader Award.

12) Timing of Reading Room 8.30am to 11.00pm including Sunday and Holiday

13) Collection of Audio Books.

14) Collection of Braille Books

15) QR-Code for the Information Access

16) Reader Daily Attendance

17) Separte Study room for Girls, Boys, Faculty, Research Scholars & Avdvanced Learner.

18) Departmental Libraries:

  • Professors, Shahu Prabhodhani, Biotechnology, Commerce Professionals

Online Services


We have signed Memorandum of Understanding with DELNET and extended the following facilities to the users for e-resourses.

Interlibrary loan.
Union catalogue and databases.
Union catalogue of books.
Union list of current periodicals
Union catalogue of periodicals.
1.Union list of video recording.
2. Union list of sound recording.

Thesis and dissertation.
Abstract and full text databases. Inter library loan (IIL) Facility.


Following library committee is formed to advise the librarian and to monitor the subscription of journals, acquisition of books and budget allocation. Committee also deals with students grievances, if any.

1. Senior College UG. Students 3552
2. Senior College PG. Students 1005
3. External Students (Competitive Examination and CET) 10
4. Teaching Staff Senior College 147
5. Non-teaching Staff 116

Their entitlements,in terms of number of books that they can borrow and their loan period for different categories of members are given below.For further details, please contact the Assistant Librarian.

SR.NO PARTICULARS Period of loan Maximum No.of Books/Jour.
1. Teaching Staff 21 Days 28 Releated Subject
02 General Nature
02 Journals
2. Non-Teaching Staff 21 Days 02 General Nature
01 Magazine
3. Research Scholars 45 Days 05 Releated Subject


1. Senior College 7 Days No Limit
2. Special Merit Card Holders / Gold Card Student 7 Days No Limit
3. External Student Reading Room 01

Special Book-Bank Scheme

1. Gold Card Holder Student Complete Academic year Full set of text Books

Departmental libraries

Sr. No. Department Quantity
1 Sociology 25
2 Political Science 282
3 Economics 50
4 Geography 73
5 English 262
6 Pali 329
7 Marathi 88
8 Commerce 66
9 Physics 81
10 chemistry & Anal. chemistry 69
11 Botany 188
12 Microbiology 93
13 Zoology & Fishery Science 100
14 Biotechnology 1777
15 Shahu Probadhani 2050
16 History Museum 778