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Maintenance and Utilization Policy

Maintenance and Utilization Policy

• The overall authority and responsibility for maintaining and utilizing the physical, academic and support facilities rests with the Principal. The Principal by delegating the authorities and responsibilities to Vice-Principals, Head of Departments and various Committees, ensures that the resources are optimally utilized and maintained for the benefit of the stakeholders.
• The physical and civil maintenance work in the college is undertaken during the summer and winter vacations.
• The day to day maintenance of computer system is done through a qualified computer technician and technical staff appointed by the management and the annual maintenance is done through AMC.
• The overall maintenance of furniture, computers, photocopying machines, etc. are made through the trained qualified staff.
• The resources of the laboratories are maintained and utilized under the supervision of Head of the Departments with the help of support staff. The laboratory equipments are repaired and serviced periodically by outsourcing as per the needs.
• The accession and stock register is maintained by every department and updated regularly.
• The stock verification committee physically verifies the resources at the end of each academic year and submits its report to Principal for corrective actions if any.
• The botanical garden of the Biotechnology campus is maintained by the support staff and the annual maintenance is done through AMC.
• Sweeping and cleaning of the classrooms, passages, ground, etc. are done every day by the support staff.
• Sweeping and cleaning of the washrooms are done twice every day by the staff of the outsourced agency.
• The in house maintenance team led by the senior most Class IV employee locks down the channel gates of the wings of the buildings at the end of the day and makes sure that every electrical lights, fans and other equipments are turned off.
• The Library resources are utilized and maintained through specially trained team of support staffs under the overall supervision of Librarian as per the library rules and regulations.

Laboratories Rules

I. Laboratories Rules:

• Separate laboratories are allotted for Physics & Electronics, Chemistry & Analytical Chemistry, Botany, Zoology & Fishery Science, Microbiology and Biotechnology.
• The HoD of the concerned department has to ensure that the laboratory resources are optimally utilized and maintained as per the laid down policies, rules and regulations.
• The laboratories are used by the students and faculties according to the class wise timetable.
• The handling of various equipments, instruments and chemicals is done by following the standard operational procedures displayed in the respective laboratories.
• Students have to follow all written and verbal instructions given by the Instructor/Lab Assistant.
• A minimum of 75% attendance along with the Lab Report/Record Book is compulsory to attend the practical examinations.
• Personal apparel should be appropriate for the Laboratory work.
• Lab. work must be performed only under the supervision of the Instructor.
• Do not leave the equipment unattended while it is being used.
• No outsiders are permitted in the Lab.
• Report all accidents, no matter how minor, to the Instructor/Lab Assistant immediately, and avail of medical assistance, in case of need.
• Report all spills to the Instructor immediately.
• DO NOT perform demonstrations without permission or use materials and equipment in a manner for which they are not intended.
• Stay alert in the Lab, and always proceed with caution.
• Use extreme CAUTION when working with hot apparatus or other heating devices.
• Be careful when working with the electrical equipments.
• Keep the Lab and the apparatus clean after demonstration/s, especially the sink.
• Violation of Lab Rules will lead to disciplinary actions, if necessary.
• Old and outdated equipments, instruments, Chemicals etc. should be discarded by following the standard procedure and recorded in the stock register.

Computer Laboratory Rules

II. Computer Laboratory Rules:

• Separate computer labs are allotted for Computer Science, Information Technology, Biotechnology, B.Voc, Geography, Languages and Commerce.
• The HoD of the concerned department has to ensure that the computer resources are optimally utilized and maintained as per the laid down policies, rules and regulations.
• These laboratories are used by the students and staff according to the timetable.
• Students are not allowed in the computer lab, unless subject teacher is present in the lab.
• College uniform & identity card is compulsory in practical lab.
• After entry in lab, student must write all related information on lab register.
• Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the laboratories.
• Use of Pen drive, Memory cards or any other electronic devices are not allowed in computer lab without the permission of concerned lab incharge.
• Use of Internet is strictly for educational purpose only.
• Do not change the settings on the computer.
• Turn off the computer after use.
• Violation of laboratory rules will incur penalty/disciplinary action.

Library Rules and Regulations

III. Library Rules and Regulations:

Library resources are maintained by the Librarian with the help of support staff under the overall supervision of the Library Committee. The library committee consists of representative of Management, Principal, Faculty Members and Students. The library committee meets regularly and reviews the requirements of library resources and places the requirements to the Planning Committee for approval. The Purchase Committee after due process issues purchase order through the Librarian with the authorization of Principal. The library resources procured during the year are recorded in the accession register. The stock verification committee physically verifies the library resources by random sampling method and submits its report to the Principal for corrective measures if any.

The cleaning and sweeping work of the reading rooms, circulation section, reference section, issue counter, identity card generation section and e-content section in the library is done everyday through the independent support staff of the library. In order to protect books from pests, fumigation and other pest control mechanisms are used periodically. The weeding of outdated and damaged books is done through Library Committee. The rules and regulations relating to the utilization of library resources are displayed in the library, reading room and circulation section and also available on college website.

 Library Hours :

• Monday to Saturday : 10.00 am to 2.00 pm & 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm.

 Reading Room :

• Monday to Saturday : 8.30 am to 11.00 pm
• Sunday : 8.30 am to 11.00 pm (During Exam period)

 Admission to Library:

• Identity Card is issued to the students immediately after admission.
• Identity Card is compulsory to all students for getting access to the library.
• Every student should sign in the Entry Register/mark the attendance on Bio-metric Machine while entering the library.
• Strict silence and discipline to be maintained in the library/reading room.
• Marking with pencil, writing or highlighting, tearing the pages or damaging the books/journals in any other way will lead to fine.
• Smoking, spitting, sleeping, chitchatting, talking etc. are strictly prohibited in the library/reading room.
• Use of Mobile Phone/Audio Instrument/Headphone is strictly prohibited in the library.
• Refreshment of any kind shall not be allowed in the library/ reading room.
• Students suggestions are collected through Suggestion Boxes kept in the library.
• In case of any grievances relating to library services, students can contact the Librarian.
• Misbehavior with library staff or violation of library rules will attract punitive action.

 Circulation Section:

• The computer terminals/OPAC provided for students to search and requisition of books shall be used with utmost care.
• Two books will be issued for 7 days to students
• The students may renew the borrowed book for a further period of 7days.
• Current periodicals and reference books such as encyclopedia, dictionary etc. are to be used in the library/reading room only.
• Books for competitive examination such as UPSC, MPSC, MBA-CET, NDA, NET, SET, GATE, GRE, G-MAT, CAT, & TOEFL etc. are to be used only in the reading room.
• Books/Magazines, Question papers, study materials issued in the reading room should be returned before leaving the reading room, otherwise, a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged per day.

 Book-Bank:

• First ten merit holders of UG & five merit holders of PG programmes are given a complete set of books for academic year, free of charge.


• The college has subscribed various online e-resources including e-books, e-journals, N-list, INFLIBNET, DELNET, Digital Databases in addition to the e-resources in the digital form/offline.
• The students and staff can get access to e-resources free of cost by registering their names in the library for User Name and Password. By using the credentials staff and students can access online e-resources at any time, any place.

 Book Lost/damaged:

If the books are lost or damaged, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or to pay twice the cost of the book. If it is found that page/pages are missing from the book, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or to pay twice the cost of the book.

 Rules for Research Scholars:

• Identity card to the research students will be issued on producing the copy of Joining Letter to the Research Centre and Receipt of library fees and library deposit.
• Research students registered for Ph.D. can borrow 5 reference books related to the area of their research for a period of 1month.
• Research Students can renew the borrowed books for a further period of 1 month, if required.
• Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Geographical information sources, biographical information sources, Projects and Thesis are made available in the library or reading room for reference purpose and not allowed to be borrowed for the use of outside the library.

 Library Rules for Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

• A teacher can borrow any 30 books at a time.
• Fiction / general interest books are issued for 21 days. Subject related text - books and subject related reference books are given to the teacher for one academic year.
• A teacher can borrow any magazine/journal from the reading room for 21 days.
• A non-teaching staff member can borrow five books; three general and two fiction and one magazine for 21 days. Text -books and reference books are generally not be issued to them.
• All the books/periodicals borrowed should be returned on or before April 30, otherwise twice the amount of the original price or the current price will be deducted as deposit from the salary. Minimum deduction will be Rs.100/-(even if the current price or twice the price of the original edition is less than Rs. 100/-) It is better to replace the lost book/periodical before July 31, else the deposit will be forfeited.
• Deducted deposit will be refunded to the concerned staff member after replacing/giving back the book/periodical, etc.
• Syllabus, question paper sets, guides, etc. will not be issued. However, employees can borrow and refer them in the reading room.
• Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Annual Issues, Bound Volumes of Articles/Magazines and Rare Books are not issued outside the library.

Utilization of Classrooms

IV. Utilization of Classrooms:

• The Timetable Committee comprising members representing all faculties, finalizes the annual timetable and allots classrooms as per the students strength.
• The classrooms are cleaned everyday by the support staff. The class coordinators ensure that the classrooms are maintained and kept clean.
• The student class representative also assists the class coordinator in maintenance of the classrooms.
• The class coordinator informs the head of the department about any requirement of maintenance/repair if needed.
• The painting of classrooms, blackboard, benches and desks are carried out periodically as per the requirements.
• The Vice Principals regularly visit the classrooms and make sure that the classrooms and other resources are kept clean and properly maintained.

Sports, Games and Gymnasium Equipments

V. Sports, Games and Gymnasium Equipments:

• The overall responsibility of procuring, utilizing and maintaining the sports and games and gymnasium equipments rests with the Director of physical education.
• The sports and games committee, representing members of management, faculties and students, assist the Director of physical education.
• The sports committee reviews the requirements of sports and games materials according to the students strength every year and places its requirements with the Planning Committee.
• The gym instructor looks after the gym equipments and ensures that the gymnasium is kept clean with the help of the support staff.
• The gymnasium is kept open for students as well as staff members on all working days from 05.00 am to 9.00 am and 04.00 pm to 09.00 pm.
• The stock of all sports games and gymnasium equipments are recorded in the stock register.
• Attendance register is kept for monitoring the use of gymnasium equipments.
• The students enrolled for various sports and games are trained by the Director of physical education and coaches.
• The rules and regulations of utilization of sports and games equipments and gymnasium are displayed in the department as well as on the college website.
• Violation of these rules and regulations may result in penalty and disciplinary action, if necessary.

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