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                  Shiv Chatrapati Shikshan Sanstha ,Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalay, Latur (Autonomous) is only one autonomous institutes in Marathwada Region that have evolved with time to be at par with the global educational world. The Pursue of Excellence, high energy and motivation of our students, as well as their challenging work environments, assure that they bring an added measure of maturity and knowledge in the classroom and life of students. The interaction between students and professors greatly enriches the educational experience for all.

This is the world of technological innovations. In this dynamic world, it is mandatory that the young minds of our country be nurtured and encouraged to be placed at the highest pinnacle of success. The combination of bright, dedicated students and expert professional faculty results in a great learning environment. Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalay, Latur is an exciting place to study and grow. It is a place where thinkers become leaders, a place where the thirst for knowledge fuels our desire for distinction.

Our faculty members are experts in the areas they teach. Not only do they provide a solid grounding in the academic theories and concepts of their specialty, they also provide the students with insight into the practical issues and challenges currently facing their discipline. They provide our students the right balance of theory and practical. We emphasize group work allowing each student to be benefited from the quality and diverse cultural and business backgrounds of their classmates. We also foster partnership between students, faculty and staff in enterprise.

The intensive training and the encouraging learning environment of our institute has made them proficient in the basic as well as specialized field of relevance. The various value added courses being imparted at the Institute have given adequate exposure to our students. Apart from core technical skills, our students are competent in soft skills too based on their add on courses, which we conduct at our campus. There are 12 different add-on courses we run in our college to enrich students employability skill. This college has provided a perfect environment for developing the overall personality of the students.

We are confident that these young students would be an asset to your organization through their human value, technical and managerial capabilities and their talent for innovation. Our aim is to actively assist you in attracting and identifying the students best suited to your needs and in developing a successful recruitment relationship.

                Further, I express my sincere thanks to all those organizations that have extended their active co-operation to the department in accomplishing its endeavor successfully. I indeed have a great honor to present the students to your esteemed organizations as I look forward to your cooperation in the placements of our students.

Recruited Student List

Yearwise Lists Of Placements

Sr.No. Year View
1 2021-22 View
2 2020-21 View
3 2019-20 View
4 2018-19 View
5 2017-18 View
6 2016-17 View
7 2015-16 View
8 2014-15 View
9 2013-14 View

Graph Of Placements


Name Of MoU View
Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. View
Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED), Latur View
Global Talent Track (GTT) View
SBS Ahemdabad, Gujrat View
Millionminds View
National Stock Exchange, Mumbai View
Aptron IT Solutions, Delhi View

Token of Appreciation

Sr.No. Certificate Name View
1 Rubicon View
2 A Special Recognition To View
3 Certificate of Global Skill Academy View
4 GTT Annual Excellence Awards 2020 View
5 Vibrant Publishers View
6 Token of Appreciation From Barclays Group View
7 Token of Appreciation From ICICI Bank View
8 Token of Appreciation From GTT View

Placement cell report

Sr.No. Name Date Report
1 TCS Workshop 01/07/2020 to 29/08/2020 View
2 How to Ace the Job Interview 10/12/2020 View
3 Barclays Connect with work CSR Training Program 22/12/2020 to 24/12/2020 View
4 Certified Campus Recruitment Enhancement Training Program 21/01/2021 View
5 Soft Skill and Personality Development Workshop 19/01/2021 View
6 On the Occasion of National Girls Child Day Career Development Workshop 24/01/2020 View
7 Investor Awareness and Introduction to Capital Markets 22/12/2020 View
8 Placement Cell Report 2019 - 20 View
9 Placement Cell Report 2018-19 View
10 Placement Cell Report 2017-18 View
11 Placement Cell Report 2016-17 View
12 Placement Cell Report 2015-16 View

Our Recruiters



Sr.No. Name of Activity Date Activity Report
1 Webinar on Supply Chain Internship Program 8/10/2021 View
2 Bajaj Certified Programme for Banking Finance and Insurance 7/27/2021 View
3 Webinar on Internship Programme 8/5/2021 View
4 Corporate Readiness Life Skills 9/18/2021 View
5 Webinar on Career Opportunities in Banking Financial Institutions 8/12/2021 View
6 Workshop on How to Create a Professional Resume to Land your Next Dream job 9/24/2021 View
7 Free Training on Full Stack Web Development and Data Analytics by Black Rock 4/29/2022 View
8 3 Days Employability Development Program 27-02-2022 to 29-02-2022 View
9 Webinar on Recent Trends in Digital Business 10-01-2022 View
10 Recent Trends in Digital Business 29-03-2022 View
11 Webinar on Future of Blockchain & Crypto Currency 04-04-2022 View
12 Launchpad by Training and Placement Cell 30-09-2021 to 10-11-2021 View
13 ICICI Bank Campus Interview 28-12-2021 View
14 Value Education Workshop on Vartan : Prashashanacha Ek Pailu (Behavior : An Aspect of Administration) 28-10-2021 View


Sr.No. Name of Activity Date Activity Report
1 TCS Affirmative Action Workshop 01/072020 To 29/08/2020 View
2 Barclays Connect with work CSR Training Program 22,23 & 24/12/2020 View
3 Certified Campus Recruitment Enhancement Training Program-2021 21/01/2021 View
4 Soft Skill and Personality Development Workshop 19/01/2021 View
5 How to Ace the Job Interview 10/12/2020 View
6 Investor Awareness and Introduction to Capital Markets 22/12/2020 View
7 On the Occasion of National Girls Child Day Career Development Workshop 24/01/2020 View

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Dr. Abhijit Yadav

Placement Cell Coordinator
- Dr. Nishank Sudhakar Pimple
Rajarshi Shahu Mahavidyalaya (Autonomous), Latur
Opp. Central Bus Stand, Kaku Seth Ukka Marg, Chandra Nagar, Latur-413512
E-mail: principal@shahucollegelatur.org.in
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